Women Paying for Sex

Apr 30, 2010 · 1985 views

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Looks like woman like to travel to exotic locations to have flings with the natives. Here’s two reports- European women traveling to Senegal to have relations with the locals. And a group of gigolos were […]


  1. Andy says:

    As far as I know German women also like to travel to Cuba and Brazil to have flings with natives.

  2. This has been happening in the Caribbean for decades. It is not uncommon for a middle aged European women to go on holiday and be sorted out by very rough looking guys locally referred to as “beach bums.” Some women maintain relationships with these men and send them gifts, plane tickets, etc…

    There is this story of a woman, German I think, that hooked up with several beach bums. Then it was discovered that she infected many of them with HIV.

  3. Andy says:

    Show us what you got. 😉

  4. Pete says:

    I can talk about this from first-hand experience. I use to to the resorts in Negril Jamaica and this was an open secret. American women of all ages would pay for sex. Locally it was known as getting the “Big Bamboo”.

    At the resort in Negril, you would see it. Black employees would stand at the permitter of the bar’s disco and wait for drunk girls to proposition them. If the male workers solicited sex from the patrons, they could be fired.

    I could not even begin to count the number of times, I would see American females of all ages proposing these men for sex. In some cases, women would get these guys hard to see on big they were first. You would see them walking hand in hand to her room.

    They guys thought it was wild watching women being willing to pay men for sex. It was not uncommon for guys to follow the women to watch them pay for sex.

    I remember being with a group of guys following the women back to their room. Many were humiliated. Others would say, “If a guy can pay a women for sex, why can’t women pay me for sex.”

    One time when I was at Hedonism, there would be a bunch of guys that would follow these drunk women back to their room, insisting that we watch. It did not take long for these drunk and horny American girls to agree. Of course, the cell phone video cameras come out, capturing them pay the man money and getting their brains fucked out.

    While these girls were distracted, one guy would find here driver’s license and get here address. They would send her neighbors the video on the flash drive.

    I can only imagine how humiliated they were…Pete

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