Skinny Jeans For Kids, Or Fat Pants For Beginner Bulimics?

Jul 19, 2010 · 56694 views

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Let’s face it, fashion has come along way. Some of it has been great. Some of it has been, well, not so great. Then there are the fashion “innovations” that make you a little nauseous. […]


  1. Marc Felion says:


    I bet Pedobear likes it!

  2. Andy says:

    There is nothing worse than teenager girls pretending to be grown up women. The fashion industry shouldn’t support this.

  3. And whats with all those kids without glasses shoving it in the faces of the poor astigmatized childrens‽ Its terrible! They should all wear glasses so no one feels bad!
    If the fat kids don’t like being fat, they should put down the double cheeseburgers (and diet cokes) and go for a walk.
    This is not to say that corporate america isn’t evil, but why blame the skinny kids and take their pants?

  4. ariel says:

    They should be teached how to eat healthy if they are fat. So following this line of reasoning I should be wearing baggy pants so fat people doesn’t feel bad?

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