Hissy Fit: Protesting Target is a Fool’s Game

Jul 29, 2010 · 1985 views

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Gay marriage. Gay adoption rights. Funding to fight AIDS. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Target. When you look at it like that, the Target “controversey” seems like a waste of our energy, especially when so many […]


  1. mododavid says:

    So, you’re advocating gay support for businesses which support anti-gay campaigns. Would you feel the same about not boycotting Target if they funded the Mormon Church, the Family Research Council, the ex-gay movement, etc.? Take a moment to realize the difference…these organizations do not make laws that take our rights. Elected representatives do. [I’m trying hard not to sound belligerent. It’s hard.] I am not a Rand-Paul-type libertarian. I do not believe that Woolworths had the right to discriminate against blacks just because it is a private business. On the same token, I do not believe that Target’s INTERNAL advocacy of for our rights (i.e. all the benefits granted to gay workers by Target) is sufficient. Nor do I believe that the handing out of rights should be within the purview of businesses. I don’t believe that my rights should be part of a budget which could be cut by a CEO when they become unprofitable. What all this means is that I won’t stand back while a business decides to give me rights IF AND ONLY IF I work for them while at the same time financially supporting a potential representative whose platform center piece is the removal of any chance of making my rights the law outside of the employment of that business – and therefore permanent. I do not ever plan to work for Target (I never did because they don’t hire PhD chemists.) So, not only are they not advocating my rights (because as I explained they only grant rights for those that work for them,) but they are supporting campaigns which will strip away my rights. And you expect me to give them MY SUPPORT?!!! We have made too much progress to become Uncle Toms now.

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