VIDEO: Christians Ruin Halloween by Giving Out Bibles

Oct 9, 2011 · 1985 views

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“Jesus-ween”, SERIOUSLY??!!  These jerks are so pissed that Halloween is the most creative holiday left….the only American non Jesus one that’s still associated with its original intent.   It’s really the only one that rebels […]


  1. mododavid says:

    I didn’t write (-ie) in “Jesus-ween(-ie) ” mean “(their word, not mine)” I meant it as a pun …Jesus’s-weenie…jesus’-ween(-ie) . Or did you guys change it because I shouldn’t say weenie? lol weenie.

  2. cassiofm says:

    these people are just pathetic…

  3. Why don’t they at least give out candy bibles? Even the mint looks blah though.

  4. C says:

    You know, I used to get these as a kid, and I was really confused because I didn’t believe in what these little pamphlets were saying–I didn’t even really know who Jesus was. And it would say things like, jews go to hell…and I knew that I was half jewish (because when you’re a kid, you can be half religions haha).

    And I thought that I was a bad person. I was just a kid. THAT’S the worst part out of this whole “shove religion down everyone’s throats until they vomit” thing.

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