Curtis’ View From the Back Row: 2012

Nov 15, 2009 · 1985 views

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I have to confess something right up front.  I’m a disaster film junkie. When I was a little boy back in the 1970’s during what I consider the golden age of the disaster film I […]


  1. Ben Williams says:

    I nearly overdosed during 2012. I am a certified disaster film junkie too! When I saw Towering Inferno it was still legal to smoke in theaters and I kept smelling smoke all through the film. I saw Earthquake at the old Plitt Theater downtown SLC and they had the seats wired so they would vibrate when ever the earth quake shook.

    Having said that I am a bit tired of the cliche of a divorced dad becoming the hero to his emotionally distant kids and superman to his ex-wife girlfriend what ever.

    Deep Impact was a great disaster movie and I think under rated. It and 2012 both had Black Presidents hmmmmm any theories on why Hollywood seems to put a black preident at the Helm when disaster hits?

  2. We just saw Frank M. Robinson, the author of Towering Inferno get inducted into the Chicago GAY Hall of Fame.

  3. Yes the film has many problems. I agree that the VERY trite distanced divorced dad being getting or seeking redemption is a cliche of these films since the 90’s. But I think even back in the day there was often a hero seeking redemption. Charleton Heston is seeking redemption through his heorics in “Earthquake”. Gene Hackman is a little bit more of a Christ/savior figure (a liberal one at that – oh the 70’s..good times).

    I think you have to let the fun just wash over you with 2012.

    I almost laughed out loud when Danny Glover came on as the President, even though it really isn’t that frequent it did feel like a cliche. I remember it being so pie-in-the-sky when Morgan Freeman was the pres in Deep Impact, like an impossible future and a utopian dream. Funny how things work out.

  4. Wayne says:

    Actually, Robinson co-wrote a book called “The Tower” with Thomas N. Scortia. A similar book, “The Glass Inferno,” was written by Richard Martin Stern. Warner Bros. bought film rights for one book, and 20th Century Fox bought the other. And thus, “The Towering Inferno” became the first major film ever produced by two separate film companies (a practice that is very commonplace today).

    Congrats to Robinson for his honor.

    And to Curtis: I did the SAME EXACT THING when I was little – taping “The Poseidon Adventure” and then reenacting the scenes with my friends.

  5. Curtis says:

    I was usually Pamela Sue Martin (TV’s original Nancy Drew and the first Fallon on Dynasty) or Stella Stevens when we would play. I would wrap my mothers red and white afghan around me like an evening gown and then have to daintily remove it to climb up the Christmas Tree to escape.

    One way we would simulate the capsizing was to set up all my sisters play dishes on a coffee table and slowly tilt the table until it all started sliding and then rapidly crashed to floor. We would then stand up on the arms of the sofa and fall into the cushions. Another favorite scene to reenact was climbing up the upside down stairs with the aid of the fire hose. We use blankets and wrapped them around each other or just grabbed on and got hauled up. Oh the hours of fun we had with that film.

  6. Aunt Midge says:


    Jim and I saw the movie Monday. We loved it. My favorite part was when the Russian daughter gave her father the bird as the Arc took off and he wan not in it. After all he didn’t buy her a ticket.

  7. Curtis says:

    I love that my Aunt Midge logged on and commented! She’s the best.

  8. ann says:

    cool! I’m going to grab my brother, some popcorn and go along for the ride!

  9. Jon-paul says:

    I can see your point of view. I did not enjoy the overall movie. The special effects were great and thought that was the best part of the movie. I did enjoy the comedic relief of Woody Harrelson’s character.

    However, it was not enough to “free” myself into just enjoying the disaster orgy on screen. I am one that loves these kinds of movies so I was surprised that 2012 did not impress me much.


  10. Tom Hewitt says:

    Curtis, reading your reviews makes me feel like you’re still alive and in the room next to me! I’m sorry the vampires got you.. not really.

  11. Curtis says:

    You’ll have to pardon my friend Tom, he’s a little bit, shall we say ..touched. He’s clearly wandered out of the home again. We’ll have him in the straight jacket again soon.

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