The Worst Music on iTunes

Oct 17, 2007 · 1985 views

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Just came across this delightful 123 song collection of the worst music iTunes has to offer. Eartha Kitt’s “Ay Rumnia” made the list. Congratulations Eartha! This fabulous collection also features William Hung singing “Circle of […]


  1. Avatar RcktMan says:

    Oh my god… this is hysterical. Some of the titles made me laugh out LOUD. “(I Don’t Wanna) Smell Your Butt”, “We Throw Poop.” “Mommy Has a Big Fat Ass,” “Tits Like Balloons,” and my personal favorite, which makes me fondly remember Ugly Betty, “I Wish I Had My Own Tits.” What gems. Too bad I don’t want to pay $121 for the entire collection. Browsing the titles is enough entertainment for me.

  2. Avatar Wesley says:

    I actually bought William Hung’s rendition of “Hotel California”! (it’s so bad, it’s good)

  3. I know, they really should try to drop the price. But the fabulous thing about this collection is you can pick and choose what bad ones to get and burn to a CD. Would make a GREAT halloween (or early Xmas) present!

  4. Avatar Carbs says:

    Oh, god! This list is awesome. But there is this band… The Peruvian Flute band. They somehow have an album on iTunes; wort thing ever. Gotta go check it out.

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