Lady Gaga’s Newest Video: Bad Romance

Nov 12, 2009 · 1985 views

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Oh how I love me some Gaga, too bad I couldn’t get tickets to her sold-out January ’10 shows when they sent on sale – and I’m sure that I can’t afford the VIP packages […]


  1. Kurt K says:

    Do you think all the product shilling in the video is the music industry’s attempt at reclaiming all the dollars lost to the downloading of free MP3s? This video rounds in a good number of explicit product references along with some more subtle ones, a la the McQueen outfits and heels.

    This video will surely establish Gaga as a pop culture game-changer, one way or another.

  2. I bet the music industry wakes up every morning saying “Thank God for Lady Gaga” who’s singlehandedly saved their butts.

  3. Alan. says:

    Yeah I personally love the dominatrix Max costumes. Let the WILD RUMPUS START!

  4. Cray says:

    She’s fantastic, such a great performance artist. I did notice all of the product placement in this particular video. There was the music player at the beginning, and the Vitamin water sitting on the table about halfway though.

    Whatevs. Maybe the girl just knows how to work it. She shoots sparks from her titties, and you can’t get much more fantastic than that.

  5. I better send Gaga some FOF t-shirts! Maybe she’ll wear them in her videos.

  6. Sweety says:

    the fire is hot

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