Xtina’s New Video For ”Not Myself Tonight”

Apr 29, 2010 · 1985 views

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Christina’s back with a new video for her single “Not Myself Tonight,” apparently from the Lady Gaga School of Pop.  If you thought her performance of “Genie 2.0/Keeps Getting Better” at the 2008 MTV Video […]


  1. Curtis says:

    Gaga’s in there, but she owes much to Madonna and to Rupaul well and her own public persona (it’s new again becasue we haven’t seen her in awhile. It’s back to that tired argument about Lady Gaga/originality. One thing I’ve learned about art, whether it’s an old master’s oil painting from the 1500s, a film, a drawing, a book, a song or a music video is that it’s almost ALL derivative. True thought and style shifting innovation is RARE and has happened only a handful of times in the history of art.

  2. trickytoro says:

    I really wanted to be overwhelmed or blown away as I have been with the past few video releases. MIA, Gaga, etc. This was like any Saturday night out in the clubs in SF circa late 1990s. Nothing visually compelling but not terrible either. Just safe and ordinary I suppose. She needs some heat!

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