First time: Daric Rawr discusses the inspiration, behind his itunes #1 Hit ”Tonight”

Sep 15, 2010 · 1985 views

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The now D-List teen, has faced alot of media coverage lately, some bad, some good, and some just down right terrible. But for the first time ever, he’s given the exclusive dish, on the inspiration […]


  1. Jordan says:

    Daric if u love him go for it honey!
    U deserve the absolute best

  2. Allen says:

    I agree with jordan,
    However long yall were together!
    Hitch up the old saddle and marry him already!
    You must’ve wanted him pretty bad!

  3. Seth says:

    I’m not usually one to look up to a gay guy, because of the whole christian thing, but you rock!
    U do so great things, and thats something u never see in someone ur age!
    If u want him go for it!
    Screw the haters!
    u deserve love!

    • mododavid says:

      Did you just say that?! HERE?!! Look, homophobia is a horrendous hatred that we will battle gladly, but you don’t come to our house and try spreading it here! I don’t look up to christians because of the whole hypocritical-don’t-even-read-the-new-testament-just-a-bunch-of-little-fascist-totalitarianesque-dickheads-trying-to-force-their-views-on-everyone-just-because-they-hate-themselves-more-than-their-imaginary-friends thing anyway! But I don’t post that view on the pope’s blog either. TAKE THIS SHIT SOME PLACE ELSE!!! Besides, you don’t think we know all this Daric crap is spam anyway?!!! Look at the post times on all this crap or the fact that no one has a pic next to their name, and who the hell is Daric, and WHY DO I CARE?! You are either 1) Daric himself trying to advertise in the worst possible way. Honey, if you don’t post a video of your *warning sarcasm* tremendous talents, then who cares?! 2) Daric’s friends advertising in a really crappy way. 3) The worst advertising agency ever!! Take your spam and shove it where harder meat is meant to go!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    I remember Daric talking about him on Ustream
    so cute together!

  5. Diana says:

    These two were the best!!
    Daric was so happy on twitter, and talking to his fans and friends wwhen they were together!!
    Should totally get back with each other!!
    Screw the haters!!!

  6. Kris Diamond says:

    I didnt even know these two broke up!?
    I met Daric like 5 months ago, on twitter, and now this month he’s helping me with a music project and some beats! Totally awesome guy!

    Chase him Daric!
    If u really want him with all ur heart.

    Kristopher Diamond

  7. Ally Mccworth says:

    U go through boyfriends like crazy, but you always end up being with them for SO freakin long, how do u do it!? I suggest chasing him, it seems from the bottom of your heart, you really want this guy, and thats true love, nobody can deny that. GO FOR IT!

  8. The Girl News Group says:

    You ROCK!!!
    You’ve been the month to month icon for so long now!
    We envy your fashion choices, and the amazing things u do!
    Plus, you know how to choose a man!
    I hope you two last for so long!
    Your an AMAZING person

  9. The Advocacy Group (London) says:

    You rock!
    hands down!
    You two are great together,
    and you were even better as our rep. for our latest campaign!
    Keep up the great work~ Adam

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