Justin Bieber: Lady Gaga is Gross

Feb 19, 2011 · 1985 views

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Bieber says he doesn’t get Gaga’s style, calling her steak-and-egg couture “gross”. Clearly, Gaga needs to retort: “I’m rubber, you’re glue.”


  1. Bill says:

    I’m sure Justin didn’t mean those things he said. He’s just cranky he lost at the Grammys and is taking it out on Gaga.

  2. And I think his “Purple Passion” nail gloss s gross! The silver looks much better on a guy.

  3. Andy says:

    Well, f*ck you Justin Bieber. You are little stupid 16 year old boy who should have stayed in school! You don’t even know the country Germany. Gosh, he is the first singer I really hate! Just stop making shitty songs and go back to school and learn more about life!

    I agree with Joewood, the first Justin Bieber video I like is this one:

    • Easy now… you don’t know if he was trying to be funny and it came out flat. I’m guessing this was taken out of context.

      When I read Joe Fitzrick’s Justin Beiber joke, I did laugh out loud.

      • Andy says:

        It does not matter if he tried to be funny or really meant it. We just should not listen to an inexperienced teenager like him. It is just a hype, he should not have such an influence, if he was not successful any longer the record companies and the media would drop him like a hot potato. Sorry, but I think he is nothing like a victim of record companies and the media.

      • mododavid says:

        I’m waiting for him to get puberty pimples, then he’s OUT! Just like Hanson (who I kinda liked probably because they never aired their political views.)

      • Angela says:

        Yeah, I think kid pop-stars were more tolerable back in the day (yes, really, bear with me) because they didn’t feel the need to inform us that they were Saving Themselves For Marriage and other complete TMI. It was just “what’s your favorite color?” and other harmlessly vapid Tiger Beat questions. That Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers and all their “family-friendly” ilk felt the need to tell the world about their virginity was a) none of anyone’s f*cking business, and b) kind of creepy and objectifying and perverse.

        These kids can be annoying, and shouldn’t really be asked hard questions if they don’t have the education/life experience to give a valuable answer, and it’s hard to cry for anyone who’s richer than you’ll ever be, but it’s a bit sad that they have to play up their bodily purity and innocence as part of their careers. Like, does it matter? Are they gonna be auctioned off like geishas in some seedy Hollywood backroom to whoever bids the highest to deflower them? Ick.

    • MaxT says:

      He doesn’t know Germany??? Well I guess Switzerland is not on his book either… I think he never had a concert in Stockholm. LOL

  4. mododavid says:

    I think Bieber is the new Carrie Prejean. My reasons:
    1) He’s intellectually inept. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xp7YFndtcfA
    2) He thinks homosexuality is a “choice”. See: http://www.nydailynews.com/gossip/2011/02/16/2011-02-16_justin_bieber_in_rolling_stone_i_dont_think_you_should_have_sex_with_anyone_unle.html
    3) He will be an anti-abortion Republican someday. (We’ve seen this show before.) He thinks abortion even after rape (“[rape] happens for a reason”) shouldn’t be allowed. See: (same “Rolling Stone” link as above.)

    So, basically, his mom is a born-again Christian, single (therefore his only real role model and teacher) mom who probably home schooled Justin into brain death. I hope he and one other young man who has been on this podcast (think GoGos) will come around once they come to partake in the diversity of life experience, but I’m not holding my breath. Also, his movie has MAJOR christian themes. Can he be brainwashing his beliebers? Probably.

    • Andy says:

      True, but he is only 16 years old! Why should we listen to a young, inexperienced and obviously stupid boy? Seriously, he should go back to school and play with Lego and shut the fu*ck up.

    • Give Beiber a break! I’m not crazy about him or his music, but entertainers don’t deserve as much hate as our anti-gay politicians do.

      Desire and identity is a result of genetics, experience and decisions. We need to support both being born and choosing to be gay. Our liberation demands a variety of ideas. I might not have been “born this way” but I am on the right track baby!

      Justin’s mom is ultraconservative, but I think he knows better and will grow to be a better person in the richness that life brings.

      Fight the real enemy: the Pope, Michelle Bachman and the anti-healthcare Republicans.

      On the other hand, f*ck Beiber.

      • Andy says:

        I just cannot stand him because he stands for something which is wrong with your society. He is nothing more than a cute marshmallow with no content. Certain people or companies just use and take advantage of those people because those people bring in money or because those people are popular and they can use them for their agenda.

        Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber etc. just stand for a braindead society who forgot what life is really about and even honour stupid, ignorant and superficial people.

      • Angela says:

        No one really deserves hate, period, but since you bring it up, Fausto, where does responsibility for a particular message lie? Politicians are voted in by the people, who are influenced by other people, sometimes politicians, but also celebrities. Most of Justin Bieber’s fans themselves aren’t old enough to vote, but their parents who approve of him enough to buy his music because “he sends the right message” certainly are.

        I’d like to give people more credit for independent thought, but too much harm has been done in society due to fear, misinformation and lazy thinking. So regardless of who repeats a harmful message, if they’re in a position of any influence, we should decry it, civilly if we can manage it. My opinion is at least as important as Justin Bieber’s (moreso on abortion rights because I’m actually potentially affected by them, but I digress).

      • Andy says:

        You are right, Angela. Not many people really deserve hate. I rather hate what Justin Bieber stands for.

      • mododavid says:

        Angela’s always right. Angela for President 2016!

    • Angela says:

      You are SPOT ON, David! Rolling Stone is trying to cover his ass by publishing the entire quote he gave on abortion after rape, but it doesn’t really change anything:

      “Well, I think that’s very sad, but everything happens for a reason. I do not know what could that reason be. I do not think I’ve been in that situation, so I can not judge.”

      It’s still a total blank-eyed jaw-agape Carrie Prejean-style answer, where he’s clearly trying to repeat the message spoon-fed to him by his conservative Christian upbringing, regardless of the ignorance and insensitivity behind it.

      The best we can hope for is that Justin Bieber grows up and gets informed, but unfortunately now he’s probably got legions of young female fans who think they don’t have a right to choose. I can’t even find a strong enough insult to call him at the moment.

      • mododavid says:

        Then I’ll make one up. (a strong insult) A Bei-jean. Yeah, he’s a bei-jean. Bei-jean = delusional, fucked-up, spoon-fed, completely-unthinking-on-his/her-own, total-tool-of-the-christian-right person, who is just aesthetically pleasing enough to convince other void minds (either stupid or inexperienced) to unknowingly tune in to his/her vile, conservative social message. No, I forgot one: He’s a Pa-bei-jean (palin too). No wait, a Pa-bei-jean-mann (bachmann). Yeah, that’s it. Anne coulter is too fuckin’ ugly to sneak in on this one.

        Whew, I feel A LOT better. Is this what a right-winger feels like after a FoxNews interview? It’s nice….now I feel dirty (thank God.)

  5. OK- step back and think about real life- how 16 year old’s opinions do you actually listen to?

    • mododavid says:

      Angela’s right, Marc. Now one can deny the openness to diversity that the younger generation have today when compared to the oldies. Also, no one can deny that society as a whole is more conservative now than it was in the 70s. So, what caused these things? 1) Education and Role Modelling – – MTV (and therefore all the really big stars that supported MTV’s agenda) and even PBS (and the muppets who supported PBS’s agenda) have done a lot to prep todays young’ins for a more open and accepting political understanding of the world. Today, those roles models are teeny pops like Bieber. 2) The overt christian-ification of society by buying elections, radio and TV networks, appointing obedient Supreme Court justices, and sadly christian saturday morning cartoons full of moral stories (as opposed to areligious ethical stories) throughout the 80s and 90s have christian-ified [I say “christian-ified” instead of ‘converted to christianity’ because 1) it’s not christianity that they’re after. It’s 1984. 2) Christianity in the vein of being ‘christ-like’ is pretty much extinct.] our society and polarized the generations. So, the next step in “christian-ification” is changing the minds of the young. That’s why home-schooling is so prevalent now (this is why my sister and step-mother chose it and all their friends.) That is why the GOP wants to defund PBS. That is why the ubiquitousness of Christian cartoons exploded with Veggie Tales, etc. over the last 20 years.

      I am not pontificating upon my own “theories” about how the christian right operates. I was born and reared in Mississippi. I’m still here 31 years later. I was born into the Assembly of God faith and “washed in the Holy Spirit”. I lost ALL faith in churches, when they began cueing to fall down or speak in tongues at service. (I was about 14.) I have lived in the crucible of the christian-right and witnessed the genesis and development of their political and social aspirations. I KNOW what I’m talking about. They will play up Bieber and his brain-washed views to push their agenda, and they will exert tremendous pressure on him and his mother to not deviate from those views. None of these social manipulations are an accident. They are more organized than most people imagine. And Bieber is a huge TOOL.

  6. Angela says:

    Not many, but other 16 yr olds might. Or more accurately, preteen girls. And maybe I’m overprotective, but I’ll tell off anyone trying to tell them rape just ‘happens’. (not talking bout Gaga anymore, clearly.) I know fangirls, they might believe him.

  7. Angela says:

    Or maybe they won’t, considering the outcry and backlash against that RS interview. Okay okay, I’ll put my feminist fangs away now. Sorry, they just pop out when I hear stupid privileged shit.

  8. MaxT says:

    Guys do you realize that if his music career comes to an end we could have him as an actor??? LOL

  9. mododavid says:

    If anyone thinks WE (angela, andy, and me) are being too hard on Pa-bie-jean-mann, then take a look over at Jezebel.com. Those women are having a field day using him as the goat in their Lupercalia-fragilisticicspialadocious celebrations. He might be popular with the empty-headed little women, but the filled-to-capacity-headed older women can’t stand him. Here are two examples:

    1) “Abortion Expert, Justin Bieber, …” http://jezebel.com/#!5764955/abortion-expert-justin-bieber-is-an-excellent-basketball-player

    2) “6 Reasons Justin Bieber Is Qualified to Talk About Abortion” http://jezebel.com/#!5762258/6-reasons-justin-bieber-is-qualified-to-talk-about-abortion

    • Angela says:

      Yup, see? Like I said, feminist fangs are popping out over this. It’s like True Blood, but with an Ani DiFranco soundtrack. Set in Berkeley, at a vegan cafe. 😉

      • Fugue says:

        like i said, agent angel a, it’s more fangs of humanitarianism than flat-out ironing board rage feminism.
        i must whole-<3edly concur with you back in the days of Tiger Beat yore when inquiries were so innocuously-geared toward hues/foods/&/kangaroos of favorite in lieu of sexual proclivity-predicated Playboy-esque surveys of the Christianly/Babyloian Ways variety. who really cares? teen pop stars back then were more innocent in kind of that Don’t Ask Don’t Divulge policy but inflicting sexual politic wasn’t as huge as Brad Pitt’s newly-sported facial hair outstripping more important issues on the news than the health update of Mandela & Egypt going American-hate-awry. i remember when certain members of depeche mode would whinge about answering inane questions like favorite color? but were secretly relieved nothing about their personal lives was encroached upon in interviews in /THAT/ way. they remained up until the mid-90s very private about their marriages/relationships/kinks/etc.
        perhaps we should blame the grunge movement for bringing out all of this nonsense? or its decline?
        Hell, i like to blame just about everything bad on the grunge movement (despite Pearl Jam – they’re rock and roll, not junkies with upright basses). i find myself even these days in Seattle, WA watching all the SIMS-like people galumph by with their noticeably 7-year-old daughters in spiked silver heels & cellular phones with Betsey Johnson-like necklaces in the Lisa Frank Panthers sauntering by & i already feel like (a)what the hell has transpired with youth, and (b)this visual is already none of my business.
        but DHS, on the hand of other…

  10. Wise Observer says:

    Lol, all of you getting your panties in a wad over a 16 year old merely talking about his views on sexuality. Simultaneously, anyone who reacts negatively to Lady GaGa’s blatant sexual music videos and sex activism is accused with intolerance. Silly, silly, hypocrites.

    It’s laughable how people are being suckered into fawning over her joke of a wardrobe. She gets rich off of shock factor alone. I’ll bet if she strutted around in vomit and feces hoisted in ziploc baggies you’d still wet your pants with joy.

  11. Ladygaga-fan says:

    I’m gonna behead justin bieber wherever I see him
    asshole kid!
    he doesn’t know anything about music
    I hate you bieber
    F**k you !!!!!!!

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