Lady Gaga Ends Partnership With Target Over the Gays

Mar 8, 2011 · 1985 views

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This is an unconfirmed story, but I did just have my birthday and this would be the perfect gift from Our Lady of Gaga. [Yes, I’m 352 years old.]  Anyway, according to Huffpo who cites […]


  1. Chickengirl says:

    well, she can’t lose any of her gay followers cos they’ll stop buying her music!!!!

  2. MaxT says:

    That’s for the best. Even with the best intention, she’s not enough for changing Target

  3. Angela says:

    Yeah. The only way to effect real change with Target and the like is to make it unprofitable to hate. That’ll take more than prosthetics and synth beats.

    • mododavid says:

      EXACTLY! They don’t think in terms of theory (obviously or they would never have made those contributions.) I mean they never sit back and say ‘what if.’ They just do what they think is profitable at the moment like campaigning for a monster who will protect their business interests – – UNTIL there is a tangible effect on their bottom line. So, this really is for the best. Without Gaga agreeing, Target prepping their marketing assault, and Gaga then withdrawing, they would not have an incident by which to measure the effect on their bottom line. Now they know that we’re not just bluffing, and that we really are avoiding shopping there and STRONGLY encouraging our allies to avoid them as well. Did she have that in mind all along? Who knows, but that’s the way the egg shell crumbs.

  4. mododavid says:

    Target has responded to Lady Gaga. This is according to Towleroad:

    ” Target Corp. has released a statement regarding Lady Gaga’s dissolution of their deal over the company’s LGBT rights policies.

    Said the company in a statement:

    “We were very surprised and disappointed by the statements made by Lady Gaga’s organization related to her partnership with Target. Target remains committed to the LGBT community as demonstrated by our contributions to various LGBT organizations, our recently established Policy Committee to review our political giving and our respectful, inclusive workplace environment.”

    In an interview last month, Target spokesman Jessica Carlson told the Washington Blade that Target had “a long history” of supporting the LGBT community through political giving, volunteerism and event sponsorship. “For example, Carlson said the retail chain donated to Project 515, a Minnesota LGBT group, and this year saw many team members volunteer at Creating Change, an LGBT rights conference hosted by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force.”

    Dustee Tucker Jenkins, a Target exec, told Billboard “that the company would be ‘more thoughtful’ in its future contributions, but did not disavow its past support of candidates that oppose gay marriage.” ”

    Can you believe that? They “[will] not disavow … past support of candidates that oppose gay marriage.” Fuck you, Target!

  5. Did anyone even know that she had a deal with Target? For what, I wonder.

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