IMAGES: Equal Representation in Drag

Dec 9, 2011 · 1985 views

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Just thought I’d post some drag king photos of myself, since we mostly see drag queens here. 馃槈 Link goes to set on Flickr. If you guess my inspiration to be “Googled for ‘Johnny Depp […]


  1. Avatar Angela says:

    “Would you do me? I’d do me. I’d do me hard.”

  2. Avatar sagehomme says:

    damn honey – absolutely gorgeous! that facial hair is great – how does it look so good?

    • Avatar Angela says:

      Practice! Well, I’ve actually only pasted on hair once before.

      Moreover, you need a clear visual model to base it on鈥攈ence, Johnny鈥攁nd the ability to stare at the photo, sometimes over many instances, and analyze how all the hair follicles grow and lie on the face, and then replicate it through dotting on the spirit gum and the sprouts of hair in small successive stages. I started on my chin, working from back to front, then my lip, from bottom to top, edges to middle.

      If you have a partner with facial hair, in a similar goatee style, as I do (I did not use his -facial- hair, though, for this鈥擨 used clippings from his last hair cut, which were about 2-3 inches long), you can check his face to see how it grows for better realism. 馃榾

    • Avatar Angela says:

      My friends totally got it without me saying anything, too. One mocked this up in minutes, based on a photo I hadn’t even seen, much less posed for 馃榾

  3. Avatar sagehomme says:

    Thanks for sharing that – I didn’t know that was possible; look damn good! sending the photos to a friend to inspire her 馃檪

  4. Avatar Angela says:

    No problem! An easier way to do it is to order lace-based mustaches and beards online. Don’t get as much variety, though.

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