Ask Sharon Needles Anything!

Feb 17, 2012 · 272603 views

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Yep! We’re talking to Sharon Needles, the spooky, kooky breakout star of RuPaul’s Drag Race, season 4. Sharon hails from Pittsburgh and has won over viewers with her sassy sense of humor and haunted look. […]


  1. Rye Seronie says:

    Dear Sharon,
    I have had you picked as the winner since the preview videos came out. You have what the show professes to be looking for: Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent! Do you feel they are editing you properly? and how important was that video message from Alaska towards your seemingly renewed vigor to win on the show?

  2. Jaymes says:

    Sharon I love your look and was rooting for you from the beginning. I think you are hilarious and remind me of the great Charles Pierce mixed with Divine. Who are some of your influences? What helped you mold your marvelously macabre persona?

    PS. I think you hit the nail on the head on last weeks Untucked when you defended comedic drag queens.

  3. Pistol Pete says:

    You have a natural talent for comedy, acting and entertaining. Have you thought about a career beyond the drag circuit? Why aren’t there many drag queens in the broader entertainment industry today a la Divine in the 70’s and 80’s and RuPaul in the 90’s? Seems like most drag queens could do a better job of hosting a TV show than Kelly Ripa or Jay Leno for instance.

  4. cassiofm says:

    What do you prefer: zombies or vampires?

  5. Andy says:

    Is your Elvira you sister?

  6. Strigiform says:

    Sharon, in your home town (and mine) you have used shocking and what many say is racially insensitive imagery in your performances such as swastikas paired with mickey mouse ears, confederate flags, and use of the word “nigger.” What is the message you are trying to convey using these images and words? How does drag culture fit in with how you interpret how to use these images and words? How has being in the public eye affected your ability to send the message you want in using these images? What has stopped you from sending the message you want, if there is one? Is there anything you would do differently today with those images given the reactions you have gotten? Thanks for reading.

  7. Matt Jamieson says:

    Dear Sharon,

    Saw the preview for this week’s DRAG RACE (airing 2/20), and I gotta say – you and Phi Phi blowing up is good TV.

    My question is this – Have you had any offers from Party City? 馃檪

    Spooky kisses,

  8. Mr. says:

    To Dearest Kindest Spookiest Sharon Needles,

    I’m a fan of Willam’s strong will when all others seem to want to verbally assault her. I am a fan of Chad Michaels positive outlook at life itself no matter what the situation is. And I am especially a fan of you my dear. Your c.u.n.t. qualities that Ru looks for are there right there between your long slender legs. Bravo.

    Now my question does bring us to the subject of Phi Phi 0’Jealous. She is quite the hater in the group. She doesn’t want to hear your opinion but she vomits hers on everyone elses. I did notice an epic kitty cat fight in next week’s episode preview. Not that you can tells us the juicy details of the yet to be aired episode but what is your opinion of Phi Phi O’Hara during filming versus how you feel about her now that the show has finished filming and is now airing a whole new side of Phi Phi O’hara?

    Plus why the hell didn’t you get immunity the past 2 weeks? Is Ru jealous of you too? They ALL ARE!

  9. Bradley Thomas says:


    Long time groupie, first time groper…
    My Question is this: Do you think that RPDR puts queens in a positive light, or does it show them off as clowns?
    Also, a lot of peeps are critical of the runway aspect of the show. THAT is not part of most drag entertainment where as lip-synching, emcee work, and comedy bits are. How do you react to this? Did you have to adjust? Because when it comes to talent, you have ALL the girls beat (most of them just show well).
    Can you reflect on these two points?
    Bradley Thomas
    aka Missex

  10. KteZane1984 says:

    I just wanted to say how much I love you on Rupaul’s drag race. You do an amazingly different kind of Drag. Were you concerned about how you would be received by the drag community you came out of in Pittsburg by going on the show? Again I really wanted to say how much I enjoy you!

    Katie in VA

  11. sharonnoodles says:

    Hi Sharon!! What’s your favorite scary movie?

  12. glamreaper says:

    Sharon, when ur at home do u and ur bf go By ur real names or by ur drag names?

  13. Joshua C says:

    Hi Sharon, How did you and Alaska meet?

  14. Shontreece says:


  15. Stacy Layne Matthews says:

    Hello Sharon,

    I recently saw a photograph of Phi Phi O’Hara signing photos of herself writing “Fuck Sharon Needles.” What is up with this washed up cunt? Why does she hate you so much? Sounds like that bitch is a sore loser!

  16. Marc Felion says:

    Thank! We are done taping!

  17. DJ Deep Throat says:

    Dearest Ms Needles,

    If a plane carrying all of the contestants of RPDR crashed and landed on a desert island, who would be the first 3 contestants that you’d eat to survive? Who would be the last 3 you’d want to stick around? And why?

    Your Dirty Needle,
    DJ Deep Throat.

    (And lol at the person who’s asking whether you are the top/bottom with Alaska!)

  18. Tachae (ta-shay) says:

    Has your drag performances ever negatively, or positively affected your personal life with other peolple aside from your family?

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