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Apr 9, 2012 · 1985 views

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Phi Phi O’Hara hails from Chicago and has won over viewers of RuPaul’s Drag Race with her stunning beauty pageant girl good looks and her cutting commentary. Many expect her to be in the top […]


  1. Curtis says:

    Who crawled up her cootch and died to make her so rotted out?

    Seriously though, did seeing herself on the show, and how bitter, anger and hateful she has been towards almost literally every other person on the show, teach her anything about herself that she wants to change? I’m always interested in whether reality shoe stars have any level of self reflection after seeing their own bad behavior.

  2. My question isn’t as slanted or loaded as Curtis’, but it is similar. And I feel it is fair.

    It did often seem that Phi-Phi was very angry and everyone throughout the whole season. It was almost as if she was there to prove something to herself and to the world, and everyone else on the stage, even as they bonded and found ways to connect with each other, was ultimately just in the way of her own validation and self-fulfillment. It seemed like she had found a way to take every other queen’s existence VERY personally, and she was having none of it.

    My question is, why did she appear so angry, all the time, at everyone? Was it just “the bitch edit,” or were we seeing a larger complex play out? (Perhaps related to her family’s rejection of her, and her need to prove to herself that she was, despite a lifetime hearing otherwise, a winner?) I hope that she can be honest with herself and explain what every Drag Race fan couldn’t help but notice. I think we are ready to listen.

  3. Why are you so mean to Sharon Needles? Are you jealous of her unique look and her sass?

  4. cassiofm says:

    Despite wining or losing, what changes after RuPaul’s Drag Race?

  5. Rei says:

    It’s so odd how I’ve never really hated her throughout the entire series, on the contrary I supported her and absolutely loved the hate(?)-chemistry between her and Sharon Needles. I’d love to know if she is keeping in touch with the Drag Queens she was ‘catty’ with and what sort of attention and changes she went through after being cast on the show. 🙂

  6. mododavid says:

    ROFL! These are some catty bitches askin’ questions. HAHA!! So, I’ll skip all my catty comments. I have 2 questions: 1) (*SERIOUS QUESTION* I want a serious answer, please.) Phi Phi appeared to have very little regard for Sharon’s style of drag on the show. Does Phi Phi still see no value in Sharon’s style of drag (versus her more ubiquitous Pageant Queen style.)
    2) When she found out that EVERYBODY whom RuPaul (did you know that spell check will check your ass if you misspell RuPaul? LOL) asked would Kai Kai (spelling?) with her if she were the last queen on earth, what was her reaction?

  7. Tim says:

    We could really see you progress through the show. The beginning of the season, I feel you didn’t stick out from the pack enough for me to peg you for top three. However, like Shangela last season, your strengths seemed to develop from one challenge to the next: a more refined makeup, more confidence, and more unique looks. Was there a turning point for you? If so what was it? Or was it more of an organic transformation given the nature of the show?

  8. FYI- we are recording the show on Wednesday so get your questions in.

  9. cassiofm says:

    How many questions can we ask? 😀

  10. Nile says:

    I am a little put off about Phi Phi. I am not sure if it is just the camera catching her at these times or if it is really how she is. Phi Phi- who are you really. I love how you dress and as a female, have appreciated drag queens… it is an art I hold up there with kabuki. However, it is really hard to relate to you because I have really never encountered catty bitter gals and I just wonder if you really feel that way on the show.

    I do have a preference toward rooting for Sharon Needles, but that is because I can connect. However, I am not a gal to write off people… tell us how you really are and your real thoughts?

  11. SpocksDreidel says:

    Did anything Chad had to say to you during the Bitch Ball episode get through to you? Did you hear her at all when she told you one day you’d understand what she was trying to tell you about your anger? Did you hear her when she said that some people, when given the right tools, could make that journey before the age of 40? It seems to me you had so many opportunities to learn some courtesy and some humility from queens who genuinely were trying to help you, and all you did was scream at them and insult them. Did any advice they had for you get through?

  12. MadDog says:

    How much of her on-screen personality is really her? Was she requested/required to be the Bitch of the show?

  13. Micheal Cortez says:

    After the last episode of Drag Race, PP shows that you are nothing less than jealous, insecure, conniving, low class, foul mouthed, dated drag queen. You accused Sharon Needles on lying. You did as well: “I don’t do blonde,” “I’m not a bitch, I am just real,” “I am ok that my dad does not keep in contact,” plus other statements. You tried to sabatoge Jiggy by giving him bad advice. You try to bribe Latrice to throw a challenge. You call that honest and not scheming? You are extremely delusional about youself. I suggest that you go into therapy and so you can be honest with yourself, because it shows that you are not. Sharon Needles, although not an aesthetic that I identify with, has shown much more class and even tried to discuss different points of view with you. In return, you verbally abused Sharon because you think that you are better than her. I can tell you that you are no better than anyone. You will not fool us in who you really are: a sad, bitter person who likes being acrimonious and tearing other people down. You only feel that you need to do that to make yourself feel better. Look for a therapist if you really want to see the real you. Otherwise, you will never grow as a person.

  14. Grant says:

    Not many drag queens on a reality television show have had the power to make people feel so much hatred, all the while bragging about how we need more “union” and “sisterhood” in the drag community! PHAKE PHAKE PHAKE! This hoe should have never been casted! Give her her 15 minutes of fame, and kick her in the face!

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