Ask Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck Anything!

Aug 25, 2012 · 1985 views

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Guess who is on the show? Real life drag queen couple Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck who for years have shared the stage and bedroom together. They are a couple in love. Ask them anything! […]


  1. Jimi LaLumia says:

    Do you, as yet, own every recording that Wayne/Jayne County has ever released?

  2. Camille Lione says:

    What’s your favorite thing to do together OUT of drag?

  3. Agenard says:

    How did you keep going so ferociously for your dreams, even when other people shoveled so much doubt on your plate?During Drag Race, I remember hearing a lot of people voice their doubts about whether or not you were really a queen because you are so different from what the stereotypical queen is. As a gay transman, I feel like I run into the same problem all over the place; not fitting into what gay men think gay men should be. I ask because I want to become the same unstoppable force you are.

  4. Giovanni Palandrani says:

    Hey Noodles and of course Miss Thunderfish! What are some of your favorite cities that you’ve performed in? I miss you Sharon and we need to kiki soon

  5. A.J. Deluxe says:

    What’s on your ipod or walkman c.d. player? What music really gets you going before each show? Also, can I borrow $20? I’m totally good for it.

  6. Samantha says:

    How has life changed since Drag Race, for Sharon and for both of you? How do you feel about the added attention and interest? I don’t know how I’d take it. I’d be a bit of a bitter girl most likely. “Oh, you had no time for me before but now you love me? Fuck off…” haha

  7. Tam-tam says:

    Is is possible, if Alaska tried out for RPDR 4x, maybe it was her potent surname that inhibited advancement onto the show? Obviously, she is beautiful and interesting. However, a challenging stage name can sometimes make or break a talent… ie: Cary Grant.

    Respectfully & With Encouragement,

  8. Shira Daves says:

    Sharon, I absolutely adore you and Alaska!!!! I am a straight woman who loves all things drag!!!!
    How did you and Alaska come up with your names?? And, how long does it take for you ladies to get ready for a show!!! Both of you are gorgeous, and I love both of you!!!! I’m very happy to see that your love for one another outshines all the negativity!!!! 🙂

  9. Alaska shit drag queens say was so funny. Will you be doing another video anytime soon?

  10. Marissa K says:

    I was wanting a signature from Sharon so I can have it tattooed on me. It’s going to be a syringe with her signature in it and it’s going to go on my leg. When you were here in Memphis you signed my thigh, but it was too big for the tattoo I want to get. Could you please send me one? When will you be back in Memphis, and if you do come back will you bring Alaska with you? I would love to see her perform too!

  11. Sharon and Alaska do you want kids someday?

  12. Becca M says:

    What do you think of Willam Belli and Rhea Litre’s Let’s have a Kai Kai?
    and Would you 2 ever work with Manila and Sahara?

  13. Renee Martel says:

    First off, you guys are what keep me going everyday, I absolutely adore and admire both of you. But, how hard is it to stay positive and in touch while Sharon is touring?

  14. Sharon, it was really great meeting you in Memphis. We really appreciate the awesome performance and giving your time to the fans!!

  15. Dani says:

    These are all stupid lovey questions omg I’m sorry.

    Do you think it’s difficult to be in a relationship with another drag queen? What’s your overall relationship like?


    How did you guys meet?


    Favorite thing about each other?

  16. bigbeat52 says:

    Hey Ladies, just wondering if you are fans of Lux Interior and if you had the chance to see him live? Hope you got the “I (real heart) Elvira” bumpersticker for your hearse. Stay Sick, Turn Blue!!!

  17. Jason S says:

    How do you see your characters evolving over the years? Do you think your art will focus more on serious things, like an activist? Or do you think your art will focus more on the lighter style of entertainment? Right now your characters seem to be somewhere in the middle, and I’m just curious if that is intentional. Thanks! XOXOXOXO

  18. Jay Burr says:

    Hello, my lovelies! Alaska…you are a fierce queen…will you keep auditioning for Drag Race? I want to see you TEAR A SEASON APART!!! XO You two are so damned cute!

  19. nicole ♡ says:

    what were your favorite halloween costumes? much love. ♡♡♡

  20. Ron says:

    If you could pick one make up or fashion tip to give to RuPaul (from what you saw day after day), what would that be?

  21. Joan Coady says:

    WhAt do you do to get away from it all and relax?

  22. barqueen says:

    Hieeee Shalaska!!

    How are you two most similar, and what’s your biggest differences from each other?

    What’s your favorite thing about each other?

    I love you both SO much, Alaska I’m living for your Christeene realness, and my four year old sister is always asking me to repeat your Call Me Maybe performance, hahaha. And Sharon I just wanted to say hail satan honey, I’m the one with the money blender tattoo!

    xoxo I wish nothing but the best for you two xoxo – Madison

  23. Kylie says:

    I know the traveling must take a toll on your relationship, but is there anything that keeps you both going when stuff gets tough? Like a funny memory or just any thought in general?

  24. missanthrope jones says:

    When can we expect the Sharon/Alaska crime/slasher film directed by John Waters that we all so desperately need? Will Hollywood make this happen for us because we need it so badly? Thanks, ladies. We all adore you!!!!

  25. Joseph Harrell says:

    Needles/Thunderfuck, I’m about to ask you a very important question: How do you feel about cheese?

  26. Rats says:

    What do you love most about your significant other?

  27. Autumn says:

    If either of you could become the first ladyboy to get pregnant, which of you would it be? What would you name your ladyboy spawn?

  28. Rachel says:

    You two have honestly made such an impact on my life – you have literally taken the razorblade out of my hands and made me feel happy again. I just wanted to ask, what made you decide to do drag? When did you realize that drag was going to be your outlet of artistic expression?

  29. Ellen says:

    Planning to write a book? Any plans to perform as Aaron? Alaska, did you enjoy being on RPDR ?

  30. Giovanni Palandrani says:

    Also, what can fans expect from your new album? Any ghouls collaborating with you on the new album? And any ideas of album names?

  31. Sashay Chanté Magiq says:

    Have you ever been pulled over while in drag? Considering some of your creative costumes, I imagine you would have good stories about run-ins with law enforcement.

  32. yazzy666 says:

    How does it feel to know that you’ve both made such a huge impact on so many people’s lives? You’ve saved my life, and the lives of so many other people, and have made it okay to be a “freak” and to not conform to everyone else’s ideas of what’s right or what beauty is, you’ve shined a light on the kids that are “freaks” to everyone else and showed them it’s okay to be different and provided a role model for them. Did either of you ever think that your art would reach and affect people the way it has?

  33. Tara Westcott says:

    How did you and Alaska meet?

  34. Stephanie says:

    Sharon and Alaska
    What’s the best part about performing?

  35. Ariel says:

    Sharon, what have been the biggest changes for you since winning RPDR?
    Also can’t wait to see you on the 2nd at 340 nightclub!

  36. Coffin Vomit says:

    How do you define “art”? Alternatively, what makes something a “work of art”?

  37. Pretty Pretty Question Mark says:

    Sharon, what is your favorite act Alaska has done? Alaska, what is your favorite act Sharon has done?

  38. Taylor V. says:

    Hey Sharon and Alaska! I’m curious as to how the brighter spotlight being shone on you two post-Drag Race effects the “shocking” aspects of your acts- I’m sure you get pressured to “tone it down”, but how do you respond to it? Is the deliberation that goes into planning your shows any different than it was before you had such a wide fanbase? Thank you both so much for what you do and for never apologizing for your art, your fearlessness inspires me more than you’ll know.

  39. says:

    Hey Sharon and Alaska! Thank you all so much for your ongoing support of the *official* fansite of Sharon Needles. All of the kind words and thoughts you send to us really inspire us to continue putting out amazing content. Thank you for being a voice in the dark that so many of us weird kids needed so badly. You are making a difference and we are proud to support your work.

    -The Fuck-YeahSharonNeedles Team (Giovanni, Gina, Richard)

  40. Tim says:

    Is Sharon really a failed “Pageant Queen” who never pretty enough for the title, as alleged by Phi Phi O’Hara in an interview on Feast of Fun?

  41. Sharon, in your podcast with Peaches Christ, you started to talk about Camp, and asked Peaches to give a definition of Camp, and I was disappointed that the conversation got sidetracked from there because I would have loved to hear your and Peaches’ take on Camp (aside from the “it’s so bad it’s good” formula that is pretty incomplete). I had read this really interesting essay called, “Hotsy-Totsy Nazi Schatzes: Nazi Imagery and the Final Solution to the Final Solution,” by Steve Lee Beeber, which was included in the book, White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race, edited by Stephen Duncombe and Maxwell Tremblay. Very fascinating reading. Are you familiar with it???? He quotes Susan Sontag’s famous essay, “Notes on Camp,” where she talks about camp as the “sensibility of failed seriousness” and the “theatricalization of experience” and about the contribution of both gays and urban Jews as “outstanding creative minorities in contemporary urban culture.” He also has a great line about how if Camp sees the ‘good taste of bad taste,’ it also sees the bad taste of the so-called good. He also talks about how in punk, “a post-Holocaust generation of Jews began to invert the “moral seriousness” of their parents’ generation for something more comic, more Camp, very much along the lines of Mel Brooks and “Springtime for Hitler” in The Producers, and the use of Nazi imagery in sort of this mocking Camp project (well, other than that small contingent of punks who weren’t at all ironic…). Which I would say was already drawing on a long tradition. My ex-father-in-law was a Vaudeville performer, picked off the streets of Pitkin Avenue in Brooklyn as a young teenager in the 1930s – oh, what Child Protective Services would do today – to tour the country performing with burlesque fan dancers and comedians like Red Skelton and other descendants of Yiddish theater and the long tradition of deriving comedy from pain and outsider status. Certainly Vaudeville made contributions to Camp? (And my father-in-law LOVED Mel Brooks and SFH, btw. He knew all about finding a way to laugh mockingly at the darkest of subjects…)

    Anyway, Sharon and Alaska, in the immortal words of Linda Richman….. Discuss!

  42. msoto909 says:

    Can I welcome you to my hometown of Pomona, CA next week when you perform at 340 by buying you a ticket to the LA County Fair in Pomona?

  43. jorge hernandez says:

    Why can’t you recognize your white male privilege? How can we ger you to have a serious conversation on race, privilege and language????

  44. Samuel says:

    Can you tell us about your first date together?

  45. I’m sure you were already planning to, but ask Alaska if she is going to be on season 5. Just for fun since I know she can’t tell us.
    I have no real questions, I’m just overjoyed that this is happening. I saw it coming. I’m pretty excited.

  46. Annie says:

    Sharon and Alaska – why are you both so damn cool? I could watch video of you two cooking pancakes and still be entertained.

  47. This question is for both Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck:

    Who hogs the bathroom more?

  48. This question is for both Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck:

    If one of y’all was Kurt Cobain and the other was Courtney Love, who would be who and why?

  49. This question is for both Sharon Needles and Alaska Thunderfuck:

    If y’all saw a young couple who was walking down the very same path y’all are walking, what advice would y’all give them in order for them to have the same successful relationship y’all have?

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