Ask Jinkx Monsoon and Alaska Thunderfuck Anything

Mar 31, 2013 · 187041 views

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  1. Dear Alaska:

    I’ve noticed on Twitter you like THE GOLDEN GIRLS possibly as much/more than I do. Which Golden Girl do you most identify with?

    Jinkx, same question.

    Love you both, girls.

  2. Wentzlover21 says:

    Besides everyone hating Serena cha cha was there any other queens that everyone truly didn’t get along with but it wasn’t shown on camera?

  3. spencer says:

    do you think you both bonded better because you were both identified as “funny queens”?

  4. Princess Dee says:

    To Jinkx and Alaska (✿◠‿◠) You two remind me a lot of Patsy and Eddie from Absolutely Fabulous, have you ever considered doing an ab fab performance together or anything of the sorts??? (✿◠‿◠) xxxx i love you more than patsy stone loves vodka xxxx

  5. Jinkx sure has some sexy friends! I’ll be sure to ask her who these guys are in all her photos. Hired male-models? Ex-boyfriends? Back-up dancers?

    • Tim Gonzalez-Wiler says:

      The boy on the right is her best friend and personal assistant. The boy on the left is her “son” on their funny or die channel, “Monsoon Season.” They have been comedy partners, lovers, best friends, etc….you name it, they’ve been it. I can’t remember either of their names off the top of my head, but check out Jinkx’s “Death Becomes Him” series (3 parts total) for more about them.

  6. John Callan says:

    What do you think are the most important things a gay man should know if he wants to become happy, successful and famous in a homophobic world?

  7. maddie says:

    to jinkx and alaska- what season 5 queen have you become closest friends with?

  8. To both Jinkx and Alaska, What do you think of people exploring some factories of drag though they are not drag queens. I’m a teenage girl still exploring sexuality, but i keep finding myself quite fascinated with drag fashion, preformance and make-up. Alot of my idols are now drag queens, including both of you, so i was just really wondering if it is as werid as it sounds, or as werid as other people make it out to be. Thanks if you answer, i love you both \^_^/

  9. MusicalDragLover says:

    To Jinkx–With the exception of Sweeney Todd and shows you have already performed in, which musical would you love to perform in?
    To Alaska–What was Sharon’s reaction when you were accepted for Season 5?
    To both–Who surprised you by being the nicest/meanest contestant that you had to work with?

  10. princess nicole says:

    serious question: can you guys twerk? upside down? love you two. xxxxx

  11. Ella says:

    Woah, first off, another teenage girl here who likes drag queens? How cool!

    Alaska, Jinkx, has Rupaul’s Drag Race affected your perspective of life and other things? Did it teach you any new things, and have your drag routines changed because of it? Also, do you know who’s won RPDR yet? Don’t tell me who the winner is if you do, because I love a mystery, and I also love cheering and rooting for both of you! I want one of you two to win, and the other to be Miss Congeniality, because not only are you sickening and beautiful and talented, you both seem like such sweethearts.

    I really love and respect both of you lots. I’ll definitely be cheering you both on for Top 2, and for the rest of your careers, because you gyrls are worth it. <3

  12. Mimi says:

    How many drinks each would it take for you two to kai-kai with each other? 😉

  13. Dilettwat says:

    If each of you could hand-pick a queen to be on Season Six, who would you like to see compete next season?

  14. BloggingLife says:

    Alaska–I’m gonna ask the question that everyone wants to know but no one seems to ask! Who’s top and who’s bottom?

  15. BloggingLife says:

    Alaska–How has your relationship with Sharon changed now that you have BOTH been on the show? And also, as a huge fan, you can really see how much you two love each other in interviews/when you talk about each other. I love positively enamored and protective Sharon is of you. Has she ever been too protective of you? What is an average day in the life of Sharon and Alaska? Are you married? Did you ever find Cerron? How long have you been together? What does she mean to you?
    Jinkx–Did you even expect this emphatic of a reaction from fans? Were you shocked that we all know who Little Edie is and respected your performance so much? Who are your best friends coming away from the show? We saw Ivy comment on your relationship since the show–strictly friends, and Ivy has a boyfriend. But how do you feel about all this? Embarrassed? Hopeful? Also, since Coco has seen the show, has she apologized to you for her behavior? If anyone could win but you, who would you want it to be? And you know you’re winning Miss Congeniality, right?

  16. Ella says:

    So sorry, one more question from me! Will either/both of you do an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) for Reddit? The community at would absolutely love to have a Q&A with you girls if you can!

  17. Shalia says:

    I was at the show last night at Grammercy Theater and I just want to say WOW. You girls put on such polished performances. Alaska–that performance of ‘Hero’ was just it for me, bringing me back to singing that with my momma walking to the grocery store as a girl.

    My question is for both of you: How much practice goes into putting on a single performance? Working with another queen too like you two did last night, were you able to run-through the show beforehand and get it all ready? I’m curious as to how much pre-planning goes into putting on a show like that, costume design/procurement, tightening the lip-sync (or live vocal!), stage blocking and on and on.

    Love you both, and so happy to see you on a big stage where you absolutely killed it!

  18. Candy Floss says:

    Alaska and Jinkx:

    It’s Candy Floss (co-creator of Most Popular Girls of Drag Race)! Firstly, Honey Golightly and I are THRILLED that you both and the rest of the queens love the series! What’s been your favorite moment so far or your favorite thing about the videos? Also, what would YOU like to see from the rest of this season or next season?


  19. Alex says:

    -Jinkx: Your makeup has grown leaps and bounds in just a span of 2 or so episodes. How did you go about improving upon it? Did you ask other queens for help?

    -Alaska: Your decision to do a boy drag for the kids’ show challenge was pretty controversial to say the least. How did you come to the decision to do that, and do you stand by your decision? Why or why not?

    -Both: How do you feel about how you’ve been represented on the show? Do you think you’ve been edited to seem a certain way that’s not entirely realistic?

    Love you both, and I’m rooting for the two of you above everyone else <3

    • alyr says:

      Leaps and BOUNDS? LOL it was a MINOR contour adjustment. In fact the ONLY noticeable flaw before was the Amen challenge. Jeeze people. Do you even look back at photos before asking these questions?

  20. MusicalDragLover says:

    Sorry, but I have a few more questions! Gah! What are your opinions on faux/bio queens? Do either of you consider faux/bio queens an appropriation of drag culture? Finally, do either of you have a problem with faux/bio queens performing at the same places drag queens perform?

  21. Alenka says:

    Will you guys come and perform in DC, pretty pretty please?!!

  22. piroski says:

    Jinkx and Alaska:

    As you’re watching the season, was there something you were looking forward to seeing that didn’t end up making the cut?

  23. boywithacoin says:

    To both: what has been the most unexpected thing that has happened to you since the season started? That is, positive or negative experiences that you never really foresaw happening with the inevitable fame.

    I love you both, you’re great!
    Jinkx, I keep saying it and I’ll keep saying it; I’m so proud of you, even though it’s been obvious to me from the moment I met 15-year-old you when our bus broke down on the way to SMYRC that you are meant to be a star!

  24. Luis Diego says:

    First I gotta say I admire both of you and I cant wait to meet you, all my support from Costa Rica ♥

    To Jinkx Monsoon

    Based on other interviews you focus is acting but would you be interested in doing a music album?, you have such an amazing voice and a music album would be amazing ♥

    to Alaska: I know that Sharon has done tours on other countries , would you do the same? I would love to see you tour in Latin America♥ . This question applies to Jinkx also.

  25. Brandon Storm says:

    It seems like you two have collaborated a lot more after the show was taped then the editors have shown on air so far. When did you start growing closer?

  26. MissVonMorgue says:

    To jinkx and Alaska: Would you do tours in other countries, like europe?
    And: What do you two think about faux queens?

  27. LoLa_LeCont says:

    Alaska: How did you meet Sharon? What’s the story? Details baby details. Who started doing drag first? Is there one piece of drag item you both share?

    Jinkx: Where you surprised most of the other queens didn’t know who Little Eddie was?

  28. Luna Raynebow says:

    For Alaska–Your passion for drag and your vivacious personality is what drew me to you in the first place. So, my question is what advice do you have for young or aspiring performers, such as myself, who want to mirror your spirit but face adversity in persual of drag/faux drag in general? Ps–Love you to death queen!

  29. Alaska seems to always have a Blue Ribbon in her hand.

  30. Done taping– thanks hunties!

  31. Dilettwat says:

    Yay! I can’t wait to hear/see! Thanks so much for inviting the Reddit crew to be part of this. 😀

  32. Looking forward to seeing the final product! Thanks for doing this.

  33. Aaron says:

    Now, I believe both of you are winners, but if RuPaul ever decided to do another All-Stars Drag Race and you were invited to compete, would you? Would either of you consider doing Drag U?

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