ASK JIM PICKETT ANYTHING: Is It Okay to Stop Using Condoms With my Boyfriend?

Sep 14, 2010 · 1985 views

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Let’s talk about sex! Writer and health advocate Jim Pickett is on today’s show talking about condom use between gay male couples. How do you decide if and when to not use condoms? There has […]


  1. Shawn says:

    My partner and I do not use condoms and are in a monogamous relationship. As a former HIV educator it infuriates me when people act shocked when I I tell them, as a gay man, I don’t use condoms. Meanwhile, our straight counter-parts bareback without even thinking about it. I find this to be a huge double standard.

  2. jammie82 says:

    My partner and I don’t use condoms we feel that using condoms stifles things. We are both tested every six months and have been honest with each other about our status and yes there has been scares at times, as we are in an open relationship. Half the the fun of sex is the risk of it. I do use condoms when having sex with other people if they ask. For the most part I think its a double standard gay men are expected to use condoms all the time. Str8 monogamous couples think about it only as a birth control method. I don’t fear HIV/AIDS I embrace it, AIDS speak is such on over reaction to things that happened in the 1980’s.

  3. I don’t really have any experience about this but it think it boils down to what is the status of your relationship and how much you can trust your partner right? Everything about sex seems so scary to me even though i, like every guy want it.
    My question for him would be how long should a couple be to together to trust each others enough and stop using condom.
    What do you do if you start the sex and realize that it is a messy mess down there? Have you ever had experience like that? I don’t hear people talk about it much

  4. jpw says:

    When should you stop using condoms with your boyfriend? If you’re still using the word, “boyfriend,” the answer is “Never.” After you have cosigned on a mortgage, get tested regularly for the next 5 years, and come back negative, then you can probably consider foregoing the condoms. ^_^

    Really, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

    (And for you kiddies who think that HIV isn’t a big deal, I have a close friend who’s been living with it for 10 years now. Even with the meds, it’s not easy to live with.)

  5. huiru says:

    Really, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  6. webby686 says:

    it’s appropriate whenever you both decide it is- as long as you are both educated and understand the risks. if you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it!

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