Ronnie Kroell’s Birthday Suit

Jun 9, 2010 · 1985 views

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Ronnie Kroell from Bravo’s hit reality TV show “Make Me a Supermodel” is in Playgirl. Check out his NSFW pics- *woof*


  1. He is as hot as you think in person, and a really smart and funny guy too.

  2. I love birthday suits! LOL

  3. Ronnie says:

    I love you boys & Feast of Fun!! I’ll be in Chicago for Pride…hope to see you!?

  4. Not only that, I’m friends with an ex and he said he’s an angel too. I’ve never heard someone speak so glowingly about an ex boyfriend before!

  5. Andy says:

    Love the pictures, Ronnie you are hot! Fortunately I could see them before the omg blog had to remove them.

  6. I really liked them. He seems like a nice guy; not exactly my type but very, very good looking.

    I like hairy guys that trim; it’s really… awesome… to see someone that fuzzy who is still fuzzy but it isn’t unkempt. Of course, I like all different kinds of guys…

    Funny how many folks on OMG-Blog were (and usually) are so scathing! Seriously:

    1. He doesn’t not have a bad physique. Even if he’s not your thing, it’s hard to argue his body sucks.

    2. He doesn’t have a tiny penis. Seriously – first of all, he’s not completely erect in any of them (turgid, sure). I think some of the commentators have never actually been near a real one. I especially love the “it must be Photoshopped because in one picture it looks a lot bigger than this other one.” If they wanted to Photoshop it, they could do it to all of them. See previous point about being a bit turgid in some of them. Wouldn’t you?

    3. Circumcised vs uncircumcised. Most people have a preference; if you do, guess what… it’s an opinion, nothing more. You’re no more right or not-right about the fact that it is stinky/unclean/sexier/better/more fun/hotter/gross/whatever than the person who believes the opposite. It’s like trying to decide between blonds and brunettes, or short hair versus long. Get over yourselves. Personally, I think both are delightful.

    I was glad I got to see them before they were taken down too.

    If only they can get his buddy nekkid too. What was his name… Ben? He was super-hot too.

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