KIR #2 – Lunch in the Sun

Jun 14, 2007 · 1985 views

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Ronnie, Marc and Fausto hang out in a small Andersonville café salivating over Marc’s peperoni pizza. Click here to subscribe using YouTube. Click here to check out Miss Ronnie’s “Keeping it Real” video series.


  1. Ventura79 says:

    I LOVE IT!!! I wish the podcast was a video podcast! I would love to hang out with Ms. R and laugh it up! Ms. Ronnie let me tell u this, Paris Hilton aint hot sh!t on you baby! THAT RIGHT! Great video, guys handsome as always!


  2. Cliff Dix says:

    I want hear more on Marc’s cure for cancer. I think he may have it. Love the videos. Keep ’em coming, Miss Ronnie. We love you.

  3. Fernando says:

    Ronnie, you’re fantastic baby!

  4. Andrew J says:

    I’m loving seeing you guys, but this one made me a little dizzy with the camera flying back and forth. Still, it’s much better quality than Rosie’s video blog!

  5. Jon-paul says:

    That camera work had that NYPD Blue vibe. I enjoyed just listening and watching you guys. It is kind of surreal seeing you guys just hang around and talk after listening to your podcasts for almost a couple of years. Miss Ronnie was hilarious and sexy! Marc and Fausto…..this video just confirmed even more that you a goodlooking and adorable couple. You can see how close the two of you are! The pizza made me hungry!

  6. Love the video, and of course, I love the main subject. I’m looking forward to all of the Bomba Atomica fabulousness our resident BMW will bring to the net. Best wishes, Miss Ronnie!

  7. RcktMan says:

    Ronnie is IN CONTROL of that camera, babies. She whips is around and back and forth and just keeps it real like the BMW she is. I love you, darling! Keep up the good work!

  8. Annie says:

    You are the greatest Miss Ronnie! I just love the new video Blog!

  9. Rob says:

    I absolutely love the KIR vids, they are short, sweet and just plain funny. They don’t need to be about anything in particular, they are what they are.

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