Lou Dobbs Leaves CNN [VIDEO]

Nov 12, 2009 · 1985 views

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CNN’s Lou Dobbs, whose been getting a ton of negative comments following his transition from being a buisness jorunalist to an outspoken hater on immgration, told viewers on Wednesday that he’s ditching his job of […]


  1. Ventura (reposted from Facebook) says:

    I wish I could say “ding dong the witch is dead” sadly I’m sure he’ll find a bigger forum to to spread his racism and hate…

    Oh well as long as CNN doesn’t get rid of my hottie Anderson everything will be A-ok!

  2. Warning says:

    Lou Dobbs is from texas.
    his home was attacked by reportedly the mexican mob.
    Shots were fired into his new jersey home oct 5 while his wife (shes mexican) was outside

    no one seems to know this. I wish ppl knew this before they judged him. Frankly of all the right wing commenters he seems most fair. Illegal immigration really does affect wages and standards of living

    • Violence is never the answer, but I’m not a fan of Lou.

      Here’s a good blog entry on Why Lou Dobbs is an Asshole.

      Dobbs is an asshole because he appeals to base nationalism. He’s against free trade, blaming it – incorrectly – for all our country’s economic woes. He’s against immigrants (he saves his most vitriolic comments for “illegals” but his sentiments are clear just below the surface) – the human face of free trade and globalization. He rails about the “war on the middle class.” He accuses politicians of being traitors because they won’t erect a bigger wall along the Mexican border or because they favor this or that trade agreement.

      The Lou Dobbs variety of nationalism is particularly dangerous. While he doesn’t have the animated flags waving all over his TV studio, he’s appealing to the same base prejudices and hatreds as the Fox News flag wavers. At the same time, he encourages the kind of bitter resignation and frustration often expressed by US West. By so convincing intelligent people to give up, he leaves the country in the hands of the true cynics.

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