10 Reasons Why Homosexuals Should NOT Be Allowed To Serve In The Military

Feb 7, 2010 · 1985 views

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1. Body Art “In my opinion, the presence in the armed forces of persons who demonstrate a propensity or intent to engage in homosexual acts would very likely create an unacceptable risk to those high […]


  1. Andy says:

    My favourite is the 7th. argument:

    “Elaine Donnelly believes there will be more gang activity. In her 2008 report she told a story about a group of black lesbians who decided to “gang-assault” a fellow soldier.”

  2. Chickengirl says:

    ugghh Saxby Chambliss…i voted against him during voting time but he won…

    that list was fun to read though…and the pictures that accompanied each point…

    but it just shows you how RIDICULOUS and non-nonsensical the arguments against getting rid of DADT are…i mean really

  3. webby686 says:

    i agree. black lesbian gangs is my favorite.

  4. Love those black lesbian gangs!

  5. HAHA Fausto stole my comment!

  6. Heath says:

    It honestly baffles me how these people are the ones who decide our laws. It is time for the people to revolt against the tyranny of idiocy that is gripping the balls of this once great country.

  7. Cray says:

    Reason Number 11: Homophobes will still be homophobes even if queers can join the military.

    My friend Jeremy wrote this article, and I agree entirely. Sorry it’s so long, but it’s good.

    “The “Human Rights” Campaign (the transphobic, national “gay rights” organization) and their allies are salivating: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is up against the ropes. Finally, my God, LGBTQ Americans will be able to serve in the military that defends the nation that does not afford them even the simplest of civil rights or liberties.

    No matter where you fall on the gay rights or queer liberation movement (if you see the two as mutually exclusive), I think all of us agree: Regardless of our personal position on things like the State, marriage, adoption, etc…every LGBTQ American deserves the exact same rights as any heterosexual American. For queer liberation people, or anarchists, like myself – it is difficult to defend marriage rights, because I don’t think the state should sanction my love. However, some LGBTQ Americans aren’t anarchists like we are, and I believe it is counterproductive to fight our own community.

    That being said, I am opposed both the existence of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the idea that LGBTQ Americans would serve in the United States military. LGBTQ Americans, like women and African Americans before us, cannot possibly look at America and say, “Gee fuckin’ whiz, the tremendous amount of rights afforded to me sure are worth KILLING people over!”

    When DADT is repealed, it will certainly be a moment of celebration, any time discrimination is destroyed, in any venue that the ugly plague of State-enforced homophobia is smashed, are always times of deserved celebration.

    The greater issue is that LGBTQ Americans have a lot to do right here. For people like me, assimilation into heterosexual norms is not victory, it is the destruction of our values, our culture, and our beliefs. LGBTQ Americans want to be “equal” to heterosexual Americans, but seem to forget that – either by evolution or our creator – we have been given the gift of not being the same as our heterosexual friends. We have been afforded the opportunity to live a life without the Judeo-Christian values engrained into the minds of the heterosexual community. I am not saying the LGBTQ community must adopt a wildly counterculture culture that lacks any of the aspects of surrounding culture. For example, monogamy is a social value I find important in my life, but unlike the heterosexual community, the LGBTQ community has the capability to rise above enforcing our values on one another. We possess the capability to look critically at the mainstream, heterosexual society and not assimilate in every (or any) way.

    This is not some Glenn Beckesque conspiracy: the powers that be clearly want us to do as they do. The heterosexual community wants us to serve in their military, and marry each other (or have that right be withheld from us for political gain), and stop our pride parades, and our pride in general – and largely – they have won. The heterosexual powers that be pay for and endorse our parades, our clubs, our politicians, our media, our issues, and have the ability to take from us the few bones they have thrown us – funding for HIV/AIDS research and the ability to not be jailed just for being “gay.”

    Worse – our enemies do not simply hate us – they belittle and deny our existence. Our opponents believe we are heterosexual people afflicted with homosexual desires, desires we could strike down if we had the will (or more unfortunately for Christians, if we “turned to God”) to do so.

    We are not heterosexuals. We do exist. We are strong, and though our community is more fragmented and afflicted with self-stereotyping and discrimination than it should be – we do care for one another.

    If you do care for your LBGTQ friends and family – you will think before you pick up that Army-issued M16. Our war is not in the Middle East, or the Far East, or Europe, Africa, or South America. It cannot be found on any other corner of the world, it can only be found on your street corner. Our war is at home, and your weapon is your voice, your signs, your influence, and your mind.

    Today, I declare that the war fought here is for the benefit of all LGBTQ Americans – no matter what your beliefs – and the military is the last place we need you!”

  8. Andraeseus says:

    someone’s sexual preference has nothing to do with there ability to perform tasks at work unless they are porn stars or something

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