European Court of Human Rights Rules That States Are Not Obliged to Allow Gay Marriage

Jun 25, 2010 · 26136 views

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European states are not bound by human rights laws to allow homosexual couples to marry, a judgement of the European Court of Human Rights said Thursday. The court, in rejecting the case of an Austrian […]


  1. Blueboi says:

    What utter bullcrap! Governments aren’t supposed to be able to choice which human rights to uphold and to whom!
    Laws aren’t meant to be left up to interpretation.
    This kind of thing just makes me so mad. >:@
    Obviously they need to make amendments to the European HR convention. I quite like the UN version.

    • Andy says:

      Right. They failed, they should change the name of the court.
      I think it was more of a political decision to avoid putting pressure on countries like Italy,Poland etc. (Countries in red and grey on the map) who almost completely ignore GLBT rights and maybe even Germany who still does not allow gay marriage.

      I hope Germany and France will allow gay marriage with all benefits (e.g. tax benefits) in the near future. We are more than ready for it with an openly gay major in Berlin or an openly gay foreign minister and vice-chancellor. Only the conservative southern states (Baden-Württemberg and Bayern) still don’t want to allow gay marriage and unfortunately they have much influence because they are the richest states in Germany.

  2. Blueboi says:

    I’m surprised about Germany. I thought they’d be a little more progressive (having a gay mayor and all).

    Untortunatly what this whole thing says is that Gay rights simply isn’t important enough in the minds of some govermrnts. If it were black people or interracial marriage in question they wouldnt even think twice about legalizing it – other wise theyd have some pretty angry people on their backs. The whole gay rights movement seems to have become soft and toothless. :/

  3. Andy says:

    Yes, I want a gay demonstration with thousands of people in Germany! Many complain about the status Quo but actually do nothing. If Germany or France would finally allow gay marriage it would be easier for other European countries to allow it as well.

    On the other hand deep down the German soul is cosmopolitan but quite conservative. Therefore it might take some time till we can enjoy gay marriage.

    • Blueboi says:

      You mean Civil marriage right? I think that’s an important distinction that few make. Religious marriage is rather unlikely to happen any time soon.
      Opening up Civil Marriage would be simpler I think because it’s an issue of law and not religious believe.
      Law cannot discriminate against a group. It all goes back to basic human rights me thinks. That’s the key button to push.

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