How Democrats Lost ‘Don’T Ask’ Repeal

Sep 21, 2010 · 1985 views

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  1. wtffffffff my internet hates this site, I tried to edit it and now everything I wrote got deleted

    well basically I just ranted about how Lady Gaga ain’t gonna do shit to get DADT repealed like everyone thinks she will because she’s not a f’ing God, who will turn everything into sunshine and rainbows, and that at the end of the day, its up to the morons in the Big House to pass it, and who knows when that is ever gonna happen…the battle is far from over.

    The End.

  2. mododavid says:

    This article should be titled “How the Republicans Are Destroying Our Democracy.” or “How Republican Witches Have Cast an Ugly Spell on Our Democracy.” or “How Republicans can Go Take a High Dive into Shallow Pool Lined with Cement Containing Exposed Glass and Rusty Microbe Infested Nails.”

    The fault of this lies a little on Dems. The fault of this lies a lot on homophobic Retardlicans who are scared shitless of their shit-house-rat-crazy base: The Wanna-be Christian Ayatollahs!! I’d tell ’em to suck it, but I’m afraid John McCain and Mitch McConnell would be the first in line – – ICK! So, I’ll just tell them to GO SUCK SOME LIMBAUGH!!!

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