According to the Vatican Physics: Homosexuality Causes Pedophilia, and Not Celibacy

Apr 14, 2010 · 7190 views

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Two of Pope Benedict XVI’s top advisors have addressed the sexual abuse cases that have shaken the Roman Catholic Church, but appear to have only added more fuel to the fire. On Monday, the Vatican’s […]


  1. Andy Hopkin says:

    This is a complete crock of shit from the Vatican who are just trying to take the spotlight off of their priests who are sexually abusing children (boys and girls). This is just the Vatican and the Roman Catholic Hierachy trying to taking a swing at Gays and Gay Marriage that they are losing control over. Fuck them!!! As you can see this has me pissed off. Reform the Catholic Religion from top to bottoms.

  2. Heath Bruce says:

    This is what enrages me about stories like this. He says “many others [psychologists] have demonstrated, I have been told recently, that there is a relationship between homosexuality and pedophilia.” What psychologists? How many are “many” others? Many suggests, at minimum, more than say three, right? Yet no names are given and no one challenges his statements. Still, the most egregious part of his statement is “I have been told recently…” What this says to me is that now, he’s basing his entire statement on the hearsay of some mysterious unnamed figure and that this lazy frocking douchebag is espousing this as scientific fact when it sounds like he didn’t even read this with his own two eyes somewhere. How a journalist can print this garbage without BASIC follow up questions is beyond me… unless of course they have their own agenda (shocker).

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