Out Magazine’s Power 50

Apr 14, 2010 · 1985 views

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Here are some of the celebs from Out Magazine Ranks the 50 Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America Adam Lambert — His Rolling Stone cover was the magazine’s best seller of 2009, but […]


  1. I love this list !
    The world can’t do without this people man !

  2. Left off the list AGAIN? Awww nuts.

    Ellen Degeneres is not more “powerful” than Barney Frank. Ridiculous! When blogs write lists like this, they are just google food to raise their site rankings. But we bit the bait and blogged about it. So of course it works.

    What about YouTube’s #1 video blogger Michael Buckley? What about Towleroad? Not there. They have a larger audience than Regent, so you can count on them not being mentioned.

    Andy Towle has a LOT more influence than some of the people on this list, and you can bet he won’t be on it.

    I’m surprised they even put Perez Hilton on the list!

    Regent Media (who owns Out Magazine and the Advocate) will never give full props to new media folks like us.

    How many People’s Choice Podcast Awards do we need to win before Regent Media gives us some recognition? Oh right, they have podcasts themselves that don’t get any listenership.

    • Where is Phil Reese star of this week’s most popular episode of Feast of Fun? Oh OUT, you ALWAYS do this to me?

      • Don’t get a big head just because you’re popular today Phil, ask Cyndi Lauper. They didn’t put her on this list, and she started a LGBT youth center!

        How many Youth Centers and MAC cosmetic campaigns does someone need to make before they get recognition?

        And where was Lady Gaga on the list?

      • Interesting enough, this is also a list of people we’d love to interview on our show.

    • lists like this always kinda annoy me — it seems like it’s a list of who’s either ‘most palatable and in the public arena” or “random list of homos you should know by name” — not a whole lot of excitement. i guess i’m not clear on what they mean by “most powerful” — certainly doesn’t seem like any consistent criteria are used.

      anyway — when are YOU going to create a list? maybe the 50 most fascinating people? THAT’s a list i’d be interested in!!!

      • Here are some ideas I was thinking of:

        10 most skankiest drag queens

        20 of the most underated gay men

        30 gay musicians you should be listening to right now

        40 lesbians that rock

        50 random people


    • Hilarious!

      But seriously, lets think of a “list” that breaks the list. That feels inclusive as opposed to exclusive.

      • What’s the criteria for power? Money? Influence? Leadership? And audience? All? Some percentage of each?

        I would say Polis, Baldwin and Frank all yes on the list… I would say that Degeneres, Cooper, Harris, Maddow–yes all on the list. I would say that Kerry Eleveld belongs on the list–not because she’s incredibly mainstream, but that she’s incredibly visible and if anyone cared, they’d notice her there at the white house. What about Kevin Jennings? Amanda Simpson? John Berry? What about Kate Kendall, Rea Carey, Jarrett Barios, Toni Broadus? What about Mike Rogers, Cathy Renna, David Catania, Michael Crawford? Why are Adam Lambert and Jodi Foster on the list at all?

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