Lady Gaga: Plastic Surgery, Weight Loss, or New Makeup Artist?

Apr 17, 2010 · 44311 views

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Somewhere between the Paparazzi and Bad Romance videos, one of three things happened.  Lady Gaga has either gotten plastic surgery, lost weight, or drastically changed the way her makeup is done.


  1. Marc Felion says:

    Stephanie Germotta died so that Lady Gaga could live, and this is how you treat her? What’s wrong with you man? 😉

  2. Ryan Justice says:

    LOL! I’m not saying one look is better than the other. But something has changed. Perhaps she is transitioning into one of her Fame “Monsters.”

  3. Ryan Justice says:

    Also, at least Stephanie Germanotta is immortalized in television history on an MTV reality show………..its Lady Gaga’s version of the bible.

  4. Sam says:

    ye it was the latter two…she lost weight and her makeup is done drastically different every music video

  5. I think there’s definitely some rhinoplasty going on.

  6. Andy says:

    Maybe Lady Gaga is not the “new” Madonna but rather the “new” Michael Jackson.

  7. Ron says:

    Lady Gaga actually has a new makeup artist by the name of Tara Savelo, who was trained by Billy B.

    • Pamela Hackeman says:

      Actually, Tara Savelo was my student at Make Up Designory in January 2008 where I teach Beauty Make up, and have done so since 1999. She may have gone on to assist Billy B. and got her big break. I am very proud of her, and many more of my grads including Amy Chance, Patrice Miranda, Jackie Mgido, Ralph Kacy, etc…

      • Ron Savelo says:

        Thanks for that info Pamela! And thanks for doing such a great job with Tara, and the others.

        I’m also very proud of her.


  8. Fernie says:

    Urban Venus Nail Bar did her nails while in Canada. I believe the girl who did her nails was Rachel Ong

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