VIDEO: Holocaust Survivor Adam Kohn Dances in Auschwitz To ”I Will Survive.”

Aug 12, 2010 · 1985 views

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Holocaust survivor Adam Kohn has become an unlikely YouTube star with a video in which he dances in Auschwitz to Gloria Gaynor’s disco classic “I Will Survive.”Kohn’s daughter Jane Korman, an Australian artist, produced the […]


  1. Avatar Chickengirl says:

    I dunno I think its a bit inappropriate…I mean was the song being played on a boombox as they were dancing…? I mean millions of people died there, I think when visiting those camps you should be respectful and be quiet, and not start dancing really badly, even if one of those guys was a survivor..its just kinda…I dunno..if I were someone else visiting the camps I’d just be like “WTF is your problem people show some respect!”

  2. Avatar Andy says:

    I don’t know how they made the video. But I assume they did not play the music while they were there. And who is going to tell an Auschwitz survivor what is appropriate behavior?

    I think the author put it very well when he wrote “In other words, it’s an attempt to offer an approach to counter the mindless rituals, one that celebrates the power of life rather than commemorating death as the final culmination of human failure.”

  3. Avatar mododavid says:

    Exactly, Andy. If someone had walked out from under the crumbled towers on 9/11, would anyone begrudge them their celebration on the day the monument is erected? No. These places for us younger people represent an obscenely horrific act because that’s how we have been exposed to them, but for HIM –I mean he was fucking there during the holocaust, while people IN HIS FAMILY were being starved, gassed, and cooked. WHO can begrudge this man his celebration? None alive today. He and his behavior are a testament to the strength of the human spirit! We WILL survive, no fuckin’ matter what!!! And we will not let it define us, either. Good for him! I hope he lives another hundred years all the while dancing at Auschwitz.

  4. Avatar mododavid says:

    Besides, his grandson has a hot little bubble butt. >:)

  5. Avatar wowboy says:

    he is the cutest dancer ever!!!

  6. Avatar Adam says:

    Absence words. Survive not this man what ought

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