VIDEO: Banned Katy Perry Skit From Sesame Street

Sep 24, 2010 · 1985 views

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Parents deemed Katy Perry’s dress too racy, so Sesame Street pulled her skit. What do you think? Did Katy’s dress belong only on the corner of Sesame Street? Elmo didn’t seem to mind.


  1. Alex Klein says:

    I think it looks like a dress that an ice skater would wear. The top looks low-cut, but then it’s a different color where it’s “nude” so I think it’s lycra or something. Either way, it’s a cute skit and since she isn’t just hanging out in it, I don’t know why it was such a big deal. I personally could see them objecting simply because she is all about kissing girls and having cupcake tits.

  2. wowboy says:

    i think she looks adorable! i never really liked her until i saw this.

  3. Cole says:

    Don’t think this is a big deal. Am I just jaded, or what?

  4. Kateweb says:

    I think the dress is kinda cute, a little low but shes covered, if i had a 6yo kid I would let em watch this.

  5. Curtis says:

    seriously what are people afraid of. an adorable innocent segment and song. Yeah it’s low cut, but Barbie dresses like a whore so whats the dif?

  6. Awesome! Is Elmo single? Is he gay? He’s so cute!

  7. Rick Hollander says:

    I like her dress, and I think it’s great to expose kids to high energy dance music, and I think parents are psychotic.

  8. HatM says:

    It is important for kinds to see there is nothing bad with having small tits once they’ve grown up.
    Instead parents should complain and should be more worried on how commercial pop musicians are already “innocently” promoted to kids’ minds as such young age. These kids will grow up automatically worshiping a music style and low quality creativity that should be the basis of their already TV weakened culture.

  9. Breasts are wonderful things. I don’t think there is anything wrong in showing this video to kids. That said, here is why this video fails, being a Sesame Street trekkie.

    1- Katy Perry is looking at the puppeteer, not the puppet.
    So as a result of her poor acting, neither kids or adults can easily get lost in the relationship between the two characters in the video.

    2- Katy Perry is condescending to Elmo.
    Kids don’t like being talked to in that high pitched kid voice. When kids are treated as equals, the charm of the playful relationship comes across. This is as ridiculous as seeing a grown man dressed up as a little victorian boy licking a lollypop. And just as creepy.

    3- Green Screen Backgrounds may be cheap, but ugly to look at.
    Okay this one isn’t Katy Perry’s fault, and really it’s the video director’s fault for not knowing some of the obvious key elements that make Sesame Street videos so much fun to watch for everyone. You wouldn’t want to watch a CGI muppet, so why treat the background as if it didn’t matter?

    4- Lyrics suck.
    Kids aren’t that stupid. When your song sucks, they know it.

    Make the music lyrics easy to understand. Treat the audience as your equal. Never try to upstage the muppets (unless you’re a bona fide diva) Don’t use that high pitched “children’s theater” voice that is so damn annoying.

    Okay I’ve said enough. Here are three examples of how they did it right.

    Madeline Khan and Grover (Frank Oz):

    Lena Horne and Kermit (Jim Henson):

    Celia Cruz and Big Bird (Carol Spinney):

  10. Kenny says:

    I’m a father of two, and frankly I find nothing offensive about Katy Perry’s video. I’d rather have that than the fart jokes on Sponge Bob (along with the thinly veiled innuendo).

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