Katy Perry Wants to be the Next Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jan 4, 2011 · 1985 views

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I’m sure she’s just kidding, but Katy Perry just said she wants to be the next Jocelyn Wildenstein while looking like Madonna. Or is it the other way around? From the Mirror: “Well Madonna’s 50 […]


  1. Avatar seawall says:

    She’ll probably want to start with cosmetic tattooing, so Russell Brand can’t Tweet another makeup-free pic of her like the other day. 😉

    • Here’s the pic you’re talking about, right? She looks a bit scared. It’s nice to see celebrities without their makeup. (Don’t ask for photos of me without makeup, you won’t like what you see.)

      • Avatar seawall says:

        That’s the one! And honestly, she’s still pretty cute, not nearly as shocking as Pam Anderson or Christina Applegate w/o slap. It’s too bad that most female celebs are so accepted as looking flawless that their natural faces are seen as fright masks. (Except for Amy Sedaris, who got famous playing crazy-scary characters so that when she’s seen in real life, people say, “Oh, you’re actually pretty!” which is brilliant.) Even in civilian life, women who wear makeup religiously report that when they go without, people ask if they’re ill or something’s wrong. That’s more or less why I skip makeup except for special occasions (also I’m lazy).

      • If I was a woman, I think I would wear a lot more make up just because it hides the flaws so well!

        Whenever I’m watching Torchwood and see the actors on that show wearing WAY too much make-up, it tends to feminize their faces. Not always the look you want. Makeup should enhance the attractive features of a person’s face, not make them look like baby dolls.

        I’m talking about you John Barrowman. He was in the film version of the Producers (He played one of the nazi singers Springtime for Hilter Sequence) and you can see what he looks like as a blond, without much makeup.

        They put more makeup on him on Torchwood than they do when he was in a film playing a Broadway actor! Look at those plucked eyebrows.

      • Avatar seawall says:


        He gets Botox around his eyes, too. And his hair without dye is “completely white”, in his own words.

        I’ve done stage makeup for years and I have all the books by Kevyn Aucoin (RIP), so I know what all can be done with makeup, and I like doing it for fun not because I feel socially obligated. I also take care to distinguish what actually qualifies as “flaws”; I personally only had dark circles and a few large-ish freckles to contend with for the longest time, until I was advised last year to go off hormonal birth control, and now I have like four times the blemishes to cover! 🙁

        If by hiding flaws we’re talking things like bone structure that can be changed by contouring, then I consider that beyond the basics of day-to-day makeup needs. For me, I pluck my eyebrows, and use concealer and lip balm. And I get hit on plenty 😉

      • I’m kind of scared of botox, but John Barrowman is terribly charming.

        Stage makeup eh? Lets see some photos of you all dolled up looking like an Opera singer, with all those freaky contours.

      • Pick the best photo of you in stage makeup drag and post it in Fresh!

  2. Avatar seawall says:

    As you wish! I think most of my stage crap is back in storage overseas, but I can manage. Gimme a sec to go buy more eyelash glue!

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