IMAGE: An Egg. Not a Vessel. An Egg.

Feb 21, 2011 · 1985 views

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It’s been a week since the Grammys and no one’s done this?  Folks, if we wait for Easter it’ll be passé by then! Done with wax-resist method on eggshell.  See other angles here.


  1. SarahH says:

    Whomever sells these on Etsy will become a millionaire.

  2. Angela says:

    Don’t get my hopes up, darlin’. 😉 I just made the one so far, and it’s hard to replicate free-form designs like that. Also, a friend of mine has tried to call dibs, so I might put it on eBay instead. And then I’ll probably get sued, by Madonna or Gaga, I’m not sure yet…

  3. marsian says:

    The reports about Gaga hanging out in the egg, (vessel, sarcophagus, whatever) for 72 hrs – she totally ripped a page out of Michael Jackson’s playbook (remember the sleep chamber tabloid reports?) It seems so retro and tongue and cheek at the same time, and after all she has described herself as a “master of the art of fame”

  4. Curtis says:

    As a pyskanky artist myself (though I haven’t been a practioner for many years) I give you a major BRAVO! I think if you call it “Lady Gaga Parody Egg” you can get away with it.

  5. Curtis says:

    I left the “tit” out of practitioner. woops

  6. Curtis says:

    I love that you even captured her bizarre Star Trekkian alien facial ridge makeup

  7. Angela says:

    Thank you, Curtis, that means a lot! 😀 Faces are hard to do on pysanky because the convex surface and the beeswax can make them look blobby, so I’m glad it came out recognizable. And yeah, if I call it parody I shouldn’t be violating any trademark. Also, because it’s an EGG, and hers was a vessel! 😉

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