SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Bride of the Material Girl?

Feb 5, 2012 · 1985 views

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Is Madonna finally embracing her inner Wildenstein? If you’re like me and have a Google Alert on the Bride of Wildenstein, then your inbox is flooded with daily comparisons between the Material Girl’s (as of late) pumped up […]


  1. This is really good Marsian– one of your best blog entries yet. VOUGE! Purrrrr.

  2. What’s even crazier is that Madonna’s headress was designed by the same guy who designed Princess Beatrice’s Cthulu Toilet seat hat, which looks a lot like the hat Jocelyn Wildenstein is wearing in that photo.

  3. marsian says:

    Everyone talks about Gaga ripping off Madonna, but isn’t Madge just ripping off Wildenstein?

  4. Well, one’s Roman, the other Egyptian.

    I think Cat Lady is channelling Hathor the Egyptian Goddess of fertility

    and Madonna is trying to represent Nike or Victoria, the Goddess of Victory. Her headpiece reminds me of wings used to portray the goddess.

    I explain further here-

  5. Mockspeed says:

    Philip Treacy, the Brit milliner who designed Madonna’s headdress, is a genius. Any homo or pop culture vulture that does know who he is or recognize his brilliance needs to have their gay card or their cool card revoked…embarrassing.

  6. mododavid says:

    Them’s some horny bitches.

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