…And in that secret location, they slow-danced to “Lying Eyes”: How Itawamba screwed Constance McMillen.

Apr 6, 2010 · 1985 views

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When Constance McMillen sued her Mississippi School for discrimination for barring her from Prom because she’s in a same-sex relationship, the school canceled prom for everyone. When it looked like a Federal Judge might force them to have it anyway, the school got to work planning… two of them.


  1. Avatar Chickengirl says:

    sure its wrong that this happened but its just the highschool prom for Christs sake..this lesbian girl shouldn’t give a shit! she should be worrying about other situations she can be discriminated in like getting into college or getting a job instead of worrying about the prom.

    also, how stupid can this girl be to not have figured out where the prom was? all she would had to have done was go on Facebook..the kids were probably talking about the location there…then she could have come over there and crashed the party

    • Avatar Blueboi says:

      Proms are like the second biggest event in a teenage girls mind. Marrying a rich handsome millionaire being the first :p

      It would’ve been nice to hear about her crashing the real party.

  2. The thing about “rites of passage” is that they are not functional–they are purely emotional milestones in our lives. Prom is meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but its everything to a teen, and being so violently jerked around emotionally like this can have seriously damaging effects.

    I loved my proms. I went every year from Sophomore year on, and–as the only out gay dude–I always had a stretch limo with a posse of ‘chronicially single’ women. At the dance, I was the star–I was one of the only boys at our school who could dance, and I would bounce from circle to circle booty-bumping, doing old-school dances like the Roger Rabbit or the Cabbage Patch, and dancing on top of things like tables, chairs and speakers. I dragged the Captain of the hockey team up on stage to lip-sync K-Ci and JoJo’s “All My Life” Senior year with me. I went home with oodles of pictures, and tons of memories. Did it train me to be a better writer, a more effective leader, an efficient organizer, a better professional? No. That’s not what Prom is for, though.

    Prom is extremely important, though. Because I was widely accepted and popular, I had a good time, I was well-adjusted, I came away feeling empowered and valued. When you’re young, and people do things to you that disempower you, shut you out, and make you feel less valued, it can have long-term effects. Constance is important because out of the millions of gay kids who sat home alone and isolated Prom Night this year, Constance had the guts to stand up and say “I’m just as good as the rest of these kids.”

    THAT is the right thing to do.

    And after you stand up to them and say “I count to,” and they still pull the wool over your eyes, THAT is when you say “Fuck ’em. I’m BETTER than the rest of these kids.”

    I see Constance as a future fashion icon, no? I could see her embracing a Hollywood glam look and embracing sequins. Just me. The rest of them kids’ll be slinging shit in the back 40, while she’s on the red carpet at some gay gala next year. NOW who gets the exclusive invites?

  3. I know this is tragic, but at least we can look forward to a very special episode of the Simpsons on Lisa’s Fake Prom.

  4. I almost forgot how tacky proms are.

  5. Avatar Mark Harter says:

    Let me get this right, In the lower picture, the one with everyone grinding… The girls in the lower right of the picture are grinding!!!!! WTF!!! They didn’t want Constance at their prom because they didn’t want to see two ladies on a date YET we have two girls grinding on each other!?!?! I’m sure Constance better behaved than these people!

  6. Avatar Zoomer says:

    @ameriqueer: Well said! I’m not sure what’s more shocking, how mean this was, or the fact that the parents were behind it. Damn… If you look at some of the comments the kids made on facebook, it’s pretty sad. They’re soooo self-righteous. What’s ironic, is one of the more outspoken girls posted a pre “prom” photo with her two little sisters. One of the little sisters is a total tomboy, posed w/her basketball. Hmmm… wonder if she’ll get to go to prom when the time comes and if big sister will be supportive. The captions on the above photos are so funny — love the “In this school, its ok to be a ho, just don’t be lez.” LOL!!! So true.

  7. Good. I hope the rest of America sees these bigoted little pricks for who they are. And people wonder why I hate children. 🙁

  8. Avatar gina says:

    Check out this facebook group for tons of their prom pics


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