Equality can’t wait… but the website can

May 18, 2010 · 1985 views

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UPDATED:The campaign tells me that they hope to grow a base of supporters who share Alexi’s support for marriage equality and an end to DOMA and DADT, so this petition is just the first of […]


  1. Arthur says:

    Okay, but what is the Republican alternative? Do they want DADT repealed? Of course not! The story here is NOT that the website isn’t ready, it’s that the Democratic candidate has taken a stand the Republican absolutely will NOT take. And, let’s be honest: Alexi’s stand will win him no votes in the Republican collar counties or downstate.

    Can we please move beyond the superficial? Whining about the website is one thing, but if you want DADT to be repealed, only Alexi Giannoulias has a remote chance of delivering. The Republicans all think DADT is just fine. Focus on the issues, not irrelevant nonsense.

  2. Jesus says:

    I will be voting for this guy only because there is no other option. Everyone should check out the website, it’s laughable. Looks like an after thought. Hope the content improves.

  3. Totally agreed. I’m just being a bit of a sh*t about the website–there’s no question that Alexi has taken a CLEAR stance in favor of equality, while just a week before, Rep. Kirk dug in his heels and again publicly stated his support for the discriminatory law. Alexi is the clear choice for LGBT rights.

    I’m merely ribbing the campaign for launching an LGBT website that seems more like a work in progress than a final draft. The campaign has said, however, we’ll be seeing a lot more from the site as the weeks go on, and you can count on me to share those improvements as they go live here on the blog. Please watch for more Alexi updates here.

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