Listen: NPR on the Root of Anti-Gay Sentiment in Uganda

Aug 30, 2010 · 1985 views

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Terry Gross talks to journalist Jeff Sharlet about the harsh anti-gay laws in Uganda and its connection to the right wing shadow organization “The Family.” -Read more


  1. jimmyV says:

    As anyone in the media establishment done an investigative piece on the family and its ties to CBN, Pat Robertson and James Dobson and focus on the family? The Gay ( LGBTQ ) community needs to wake up and realize that the fight for our rights depends on them. That the same bigots will bring these kind of laws here this next election cycle is crucial. Get out and vote gay people could die if you don’t…

  2. mododavid says:

    Rachel Maddow has discussed this in depth. She even had a high ranking member of The Fucked Up Family on her show, and she deboned his every talking point and attempted defense. These guys are disgusting. They are principally a church which praises the likes of Hitler, Sadam, Pol Pot, etc. (i.e. powerful men no matter how terrible.)

  3. jimmyV says:

    Mrs Maddow has done a great job but she hasn’t ever connected her series to gay rights. Here comments are most often partisan and have more to do with party politics then human rights at least most of her segments on the family have been. I would like to see something like this covered in the advocate. Something gay men read in the gym. Maybe the feast of fun I-phone app will do the job.

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