A New Alchemy?

Jan 27, 2011 · 1985 views

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Scientists have changed the color of gold from, well, gold to purple. Now will purple gold be a new fashion trend?


  1. seawall says:

    I seem to recall a test like this being used on an ep of House MD, only it used something called stannous chloride, to determine that a woman was poisoning her husband with gold. Honestly, the things some gals waste money on…

  2. mododavid says:

    This is a relatively common area of research now. I have a lot of friends who do this work. Most of them deal with color changes and gold or silver nanoparticles. Only nanoparticles of gold act in this way. So, even if the nanoparticles did turn gold, the gold particles would lose that property if you collected too many of them together and they no longer existed as separate sets of nanoparticles. They’re neat though, and highly reactive. Also, some are different shades of pink.

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