Gymorexia: Fact of Fiction?

Aug 19, 2010 · 1985 views

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Detail magazine describes Gymorexia as-
Exercise dependency is a relatively new disorder, brought on by two things: the spread of fitness-club culture and the increasing pressure for young men to be both lean and muscular—think Chace Crawford vs. The Situation


  1. Andy says:

    Yes, I think you can!

  2. Yes, it can. Like most things, a certain amount of moderation is sensible.

    The most obvious is: the more you exercise, the more you open yourself up to a sports-related injury. Second, a quick Google will show plenty of research studies that also suggest excessive exercise stresses the body. (no studies quoted directly, but interesting nonetheless)

  3. michael kayan says:

    Asking anyone to help, i have a really short questionaire from the University of Westminster who are doing reseach into the media’s influence in male body image, going to the gym and the dissatisfaction it may cause in men. if anyone has an opinion regarding this topic please like or leave a comment and i will send it to you. all participants will recieve a copy of the final research paper and will be acknowledged! many thanks.

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