VIDEO: This Video of Tim Tebow Says It All

Jan 9, 2012 · 1985 views

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Wow. Never heard him speak before. Thanks Gabe!


  1. Rodney says:

    I think he’s gay. He’s very christian, anti-abortion, blah blah… that’s usually the facade a self-hating gay takes. Anyway… Also, he’s saving his virginity for marriage’. He has a limp wrist in every interview and that overly cute smile, I dunno…

  2. “Save myself for marriage” means he thinks girls are icky. Ha ha.

  3. reznicek111 says:

    Let’s wait 3-5 years; ’nuff said. 😉

  4. kyle says:

    i heard or saw nothing that would lead me to believe he was gay, grow up loser. I dont want him on my team anyway.

  5. piddle says:

    right tim tebow is gay because of how he acts but look at scott herman on this very same site and everyone defends him and swears that he’s not gay just cause he’s always sayin he’s not and u think he’s hot. ummmmm scott herman always acts 1000x gayer than tim tebow in this video. double standard much?!?!

    • There’s a lot of folks that come here that think Scott is gay. I’m not one of them. But I do think Tim is gay based on his speech and mannerism. Scott doesn’t have Tim’s lisp nor does he flail his hands around like Rip Taylor after exploding a bag of confetti.

      If Scott’s gay, he’s not Tim Tebow kind of gay.

    • Buddy you got issues! We think both Scott and Tim are hot. We think Tim Tebow’s mannerisms remind us of ourselves, and so we think he might be gay. End of discussion. Scott Herman may be gay or may be not. You may be gay or may be not, but we’re not talking about you or Scott, we’re talking about Tim Tebow here.

      Gay is good, it’s okay to be gay. It’s okay to “act” gay. Gay is awesome.

    • Ryan says:

      You guys are a joke. Piddle is right. Any time someone talks about how gay Scott Hermann acts you jump all over them and say that he’s straight, strait, str8. But YES Scott Hermann talks with just as much of a lisp and does talk with his hands. Scott is gayer then Tim Tebow and probably actually IS gay. Piddle is right, since he’s your friend and since you think he’s so hot you act like it’s different and that anyone who points out your hypocrisy has “issues”. The issue is the editors are showing the attitude of “we can do and say whatever we want but no one else can”. Get over yourselves.

  6. Rodney says:

    Next weeks headlines: Tebow Caught on Knee in Airport Bathroom!

  7. Hey guys…I’ve heard Tim Tebow in interviews and the lisp is not usually there. I’m guessing he bit his tongue or something during the game. As for the hand flailing, that’s all Timmy. If you want some more Tebow fun, google tebow jorts. My less mature Florida State alumni had a field day making fun of his penchant for wearing cut off jean shorts. I admit it’s a bit homophobic but still funny. Tebow beat us all the time so we had to get our shots in other ways. 🙂

  8. I thought the whole point of “fighting for equality” was to put an end to who cares who is gay or straight?

  9. One last thing I’d like to say to all the crazy, negative commenters on this thread (and elsewhere) is there is nothing wrong with being gay, or identifying as something else, or not identifying as anything at all.

    What is wrong is being a evangelist who supports a political and philosophical worldview that places women, gays, LGBT folk as second class citizens.

    Scott Herman has spent a lot of energy participating in support of LGBT people, which I hope ultimately was a good business move for him. But there are many people out in this world who would deny gay fitness dudes and their supporters opportunities because it challenges their notions of what it means to be a man.

    I want Scott Herman, Davey Wavey, Randy Phillips and all LGBT supportive fitness bloggers to get filthy rich from their videos and their courage because they make a positive change in many people’s lives.

    I wish I had the internet like this when i was 18 years old. Imagine how rich and fulfilling so many young peoples lives will be because they have access to people and ideas that will change their lives.

    Tim Tebow is probably just a sweet gay man who discovered the power of visualization in sports. By praying he’s really just training his mind to throw the football better, even when his technique isn’t seen by experts as optimal.

    I feel sorry that he’s part of a church and religion that preaches intolerance, and that he’s become a political football himself. I hope that he’s a happy person and living his life in the best way he can.

  10. baylen lamar says:

    I found this rather amusing. I wanna believe hes Gay but as the same time I don’t because I can’t have him to myself. The gestures, speech pattern and overly attractive features have my gay-dar going crazy! I support Tebow though, regardless if hes not or is.

  11. Chris says:

    I think it is just bizarre that in 2012 people still think that being gay means you must lisp or use certain hand gestures. Unless you live in an underground bunker, you should have encountered gay people and realized that most of them act just as any ordinary person. Unfortunately, plain acting gay people do not make for funny TV or movie characters, so the media perpetuates a stereotype of wild drag queen individuals for gay men and hyper-masculine brutes for lesbians. I suppose that’s fine (though still offensive) for tv shows, but I thought most people understood it doesn’t reflect real life anymore than a black character playing the banjo while tap dancing and eating fried chicken does. I am fine with satire and I don’t subscribe to a PC agenda, but I do encourage people to use their brains and not push other people into boxes based on tired notions and generally wrong-headed thinking.

    Also, take a physiology class, lisping has zero correlation to ones sexual orientation. I understand that historically some members of the nobility used to purposefully affect a lisp to appear more high class (by distinguishing themselves from common “mumbling”) and perhaps because these individuals were very pampered and “dandified” it somehow got associated with being gay, but generally lisping is just a speech impediment you cannot control.

    As for Tim Tebow, he was raised in a conservative Evangelical Christian household. While I do not share his religious views, I respect that an individual can be sincere in his or her faith and that devout individuals are not always trying to hide something with their religion. He seems like a nice person. He isn’t going around pushing some hateful political agenda or trying to persecute other people, and I have disdain for people who do that sort of thing. But, with Tim Tebow he just seems like a good athlete and a decent individual. So, I would say leave him alone and worry about all the truly cruel and dangerous people in the world who are hurting others. This guy is just playing football.

  12. Loren says:

    All you dumbasses that think tim tebow is gay yall are all retarded he is dating Camille Belle

  13. Hector says:

    Oh, well, why didn’t you say he was dating a woman? I mean, no one has ever heard of a gay man too afraid to come out dating women, right?

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