Oh lord won’t you buy me a purty iPhone?

Jul 3, 2007 · 1985 views

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Pictured here to the right is a photo of me with the new iPhone with me on the web browser. Pretty neat huh? Last Friday power-fan Maciek and I trekked down to the Apple Store […]


  1. Alec says:

    I know – it’s the expensive 2-year contract that got me. I’m allergic to that kind of utility commitment. If they had pay-as-you-go I’d be tempted. It sure is a beautiful machine (went down and saw them at the Providence store). The feel, graphics, and interface really are beautiful.

  2. Fausto sweetie.. you CAN use AIM/MSN/Yahoo etc on the iPhone 😉 On the iPhone, just load http://www.meebo.com within Safari and you can message away! It’s not as nice as it will be when iChat comes onto the phone…. but my guess is that AT&T wouldn’t let them put iChat on the phone because they charge extra for SMS messages over 200 and will lose revenue to iChat.

  3. SAL-E says:

    I want one BUT……………………………I will wait till they fix all the Flaws that they will have in the First series…………I want to wait for them to work out all the kinks and I also refuse to give up my number and switch over to AT&T. BUT I DO WANT ONE! SO far I have had a couple of Friends that have signed their souls over to AT&T and already hate it…..But they got a shinny new cool phone/ipod/computer in the palm of their hands………..I WANT ONE!

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