Gay Avatar Sex Parties – Just What We Needed!

Mar 9, 2010 · 114182 views

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Oh how fun – not! (OK, well, maybe a little bit.) Gay Avatar Sex Parties! Who knew.  Includes the following jewel in the comments: “Well, let’s hope these Gayvatards aren’t like Puerto Ricans and don’t […]


  1. Curtis says:

    So of course what was actually a DANCE party at a Sci-Fi event for Gay Sci-Fi enthusiasts was conflated into a SEX party even though that was not actually reported in the piece. And while you did find a comment by some racist asshole who brought his anti-Puerto Rican sentiments to bear even though there is nothing about this story that even remotely has anything to do with Puerto Ricans, what is constant throughout the piece and the comments is barely disguised to outright homophobia.

    While I was watching the movie I thought an Avatar themed dance party would be great since the visual aspects of Pandora are so naturally in line with the neon psychedelica of a nightclub. Sounds like a fun theme, though I wouldn’t want to touch the guy covered with make-up.

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