iPhone 4 Actually The Cheapest To Own

Jun 23, 2010 · 1985 views

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Of the latest rounds of SmartPhones, BillShrink.com has found that the iPhone is the cheapest one to own in the long run. BillShrink lined up some of the hottest new smart phones – iPhone 4, […]


  1. I’m just curious how the ridiculous new data plans are going to affect things. I kind of wish I knew when the iPhone’s exclusivity ends with AT&T as I would like to create a countdown clock to their bankruptcy filing when everyone leaves for the Verizon iPhone….

  2. Andy says:

    pfff, why they compare old models with the iPhone 4?

    • Andy says:

      Ups, sorry, I got confused due to different names of the models in Europe. The Nexus One is a bit older but the other two models from HTC are of course newer models. If I had to choose between these 4 phones I would chose the Droid Incredible.

      I am also surprised how much you have to pay every month. Incredible…

      • Blueboi says:

        Really? Why the Droid incredible?

        Lol I can’t believe they have to pay GeorgeLucas to use the word “Droid”.

      • Andy says:

        iPhone 4 is too expensive and the only real new thing it has is the high resolution screen. All other features has been around for years already. I also don’t care about the number of the apps because many apps are just useless and I hate Apple’s policy to ban certain apps because of the content. Moreover it is much easier to hack the Android phone and install get certain software for free. 😉 Finally I want the phone to be able to play flash.

        The Evo 4G has a good hardware but many reviews complain about the battery life, sound quality…Therefore I would choose the Droid if I had to choose one from the above 4.

        Otherwise I would buy the Android phone Samsung i90000 Galaxy. It does not have a flash like the HTC Droid but overall the quality is better.

        I am glad I have to wait till the end of the year because there is so much going on on the smartphone market at the moment. I am curious how the OS Meego which is based on Linux from Nokia and Intel will be. The Nokia N8 will be the last high-end smartphone with Symbian after that Nokia will only use MeeGo for the high-end segment. Then Nokia can finally catch up, their hardware is still one of best because it is reliable and it is high quality which they prove again with the N8. But they don’t have the software so I am excited to see the first MeeGo phones.

  3. Blueboi says:

    I thnk the average amount of data the Average person downloads on their phone is around 100mb. Who really thinks they need unlimited lol

  4. Michael says:

    I just got the Droid about a month ago, and although it’s “fun” to have a smartphone, sometimes I just want to make a phone call and have a difficult time doing it. Also, the Droid SUCKS battery BIG TIME, I need to leave my phone plugged in at my desk during the day to make sure I have a full charge.

    There’s also a lot of things I don’t like about the phone…for example – the camera! Even though it’s an 8MP I’m not happy with the picture quality and the video quality is even worse. I made a 45 second video and it would only upload to YouTube via Wi-Fi….well what’s the purpose of being able to do videos on the fly if you can’t upload them on the fly….

    Alas, if only the iPhone would have come to Verizon I wouldn’t be complaining like this, instead I’d be drinking the Apple Kool-aid.

  5. WWill says:

    if the I phone came to verizon, it would cost too much. The name “droid” is owned and licensed by Lucasfilm so every time one is used a penny goes to George If only Steve would get over his Flash allergy. The world reversed engineered Nokia and ran away with the market. I hope they can bring their superphone to market at an affordable price.

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