Perverted Justice: Chris Hansen Busted!

Jul 2, 2011 · 1985 views

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For FOF #1319,  Tips & Trends for 2011, performance artist & trendcaster,  Marsian accurately predicted that Chris Hansen, host of To Catch a Predator , would be involved in some kind of sex-scandle or set-up conducted […]


  1. Angela says:

    Well-spotted, Marsian!

  2. Marsian says:

    Thanks Angela, now we have to keep our eyes peeled for any Nancy Grace scandals!

  3. mododavid says:

    All your predictions come true. I don’t see why this is a media issue though since he wasn’t being a pedophile. Men cheat on their wifes – – – who gives a shit anymore?! I hate US mainstream media…except Maddow.

  4. Marsian says:

    In the grand scheme of things, I don’t *really* give a shit, Mondodavid, but I do think its relevant:

    1. because I called it!

    and 2. bc Hansen is really profiting off of other peoples’ sickness, while being the sex-police in a really scummy way (not that I’m endorsing pedophilia by any means or siding with the Johns)

    If he wasn’t being the sex police, entrapping guys for sex crimes that didn’t happen, and then publicly humiliating them for our entertainment in such a judgey and scummy way, then I don’t think it would be much of an issue.

    On that note, I was really rooting for Marc Weiner not to resign (bc its none of our business) and I also wished Clinton just said he did have sexual relations with “that” woman and then told the media and republicans to back off. I think David Letterman wins for how he publicly handled himself in regards to his affair and falling with grace.

    • mododavid says:

      I agree that your call WAS spot on. It also was not the only one you made that day that came true (The RIPsters really came out of the woodwork this past year – me included,) but I can’t equate shaming someone publicly for pedophilia or ephebophilia and shaming someone publicly for adultery (I’m also not accusing you of doing either. I was commenting about the media in general, not attacking your comment just trying to add to it.) I don’t see him trying to be the sex police, just the pedophilia police. It’s like him tracking down domestic abusers and shaming them, then the media getting up in arms about him participating in S&M role play with another consenting adult. For me, it’s a nonissue. [As for the “crime” of cheating on his wife, marriage means nothing to me.]

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