Jim Bennet’s Gay Voice

May 20, 2008 · 1985 views

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After the GayCo Show “Whitney Houston We Have a Problem!” we talked to Chicago funnyman Jim Bennet about his wonderful “gay voiced” character, a powerful media mogul who just doesn’t seem to like anything he […]


  1. PureeTofu says:

    Okay, funny to listen to, however, to watch, whoa, reminds me of the Blair Witch Project.

    How many drinks did you guys have?

    Also, the Lesbian Mullet is something to spot!

  2. No drinks whatever- hey, it’s cinema verité! Think of the shaky camera as an “art” film.

    I’m working on making the camera steadier. You know, you can subscribe to the videos on YouTube as well as iTunes.

  3. nikatnite says:

    good to see you guys at the show saturday night, sorry we couldn’t talk after, had to run, we were on a birthday bad bar tour for a friend from the burbs. we hit up the horseshoe AND 3160….fun fun fun!

  4. CharlieBlue says:

    Jim sounds like he went to the same comedy school as Amanda! Such a nice young man.

  5. My vote is for both of them. I know its a cop-out, but they are both equally funny (& cute).

    Fausto, hope you bring your video camera with you to ILM this weekend. Can’t wait to see more videos. I feel like a gitty teenage school girl, every time I see you and Marc in these videos.

  6. Thank Gay God you guys added this section, I’ve been on youtube for awhile and i love your videos! Now i never have to stray from FOF.net!

  7. PureeTofu says:

    Mind posting the link for the iTunes Video FoF Subscription?

  8. Steel Bennett says:

    I think it’s a little more Bewitched and a little less Blair Witch. Regardless, these guys are hot. Let’s make an IML film this weekend!

  9. Andy wins cuz he said “balls.”

    Heh heh. “Balls.”

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