Halloween Pandas on Parade

Nov 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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I simply love the Chicago Halloween parade. It’s a great place to meet everyday people expressing their desires of who they would like to be by dressing up in crazy costumes. From the looks of […]


  1. Katers says:

    lmao Fausto! She said “special”, not “suspicious”! lol I left this on the youtube channel too, but a lot of non-native English speakers that speak Chinese/Japanese/Korean end up mixing up l’s and r’s. My roommate is Chinese and she does the same thing. Superstitions become “superstichers”. lol Things like that.

  2. ColJH says:

    That was a beautiful video! I wish I would have been able to make it out this year for the Halloween fun but I guess that’s my plan for next year!

  3. Beautiful boys and Sarah Palin shooting a panda, what could be better than that?!?!

  4. Zahn says:

    Now I finally get to see what you boys kept talking about. Yay!

  5. Michael says:

    You sure could make a fortune if molesting people actually was a job. ^_^

  6. So much work goes into this.
    I can only imagine the amount of memorable video you have to cut out just to make it short, clean and snappy.
    But the video pays off 🙂
    Wish I was there to give you candy 🙂

  7. Nick says:

    Quite possibly the best FoF video to date!!!!

    Love it guys!…

    and oh my gosh, talk about the hot guys!!!!!!!
    You guys are hotter than an A&F commerical.

  8. Where do I apply for the position Michael?

  9. What a hot parade with sexy pandas. 🙂

  10. mJay says:

    Love the video!! Looks like a lot of fun.
    P.S. Thanks for fixing my profile!

  11. I have taken it to approach colleagues at work and tell them that they have shamed their ancestors.

  12. Zoomer says:

    “You have shamed your ancestors.” It just sounds so much friendlier when delivered by a panda. Excellent video, thanks for the giggles!

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