Scott Herman Wants You To Know That He’s Not Gay

Nov 12, 2009 · 1985 views

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One of the hottest and cutest hetero muscle dorks on YouTube, Scott Herman made a name for himself when he appeared on the reality tv show Real World: Brooklyn. When he’s not busy making videos […]


  1. Andy says:

    He is too hot to be straight.

  2. Chickengirl says:

    oh yeah toooootally not gay. *rolls eyes*

  3. Michael says:

    Looks like a duck, sounds like a duck…are you sure it’s not a duck?

  4. RcktMan says:

    He was one of the main reasons I got hooked on “Real World: Brooklyn.” I mean… do ya blame me?

  5. peripheries says:

    he is mostly pathetic… looks like dumb, sounds like dumb…. must be straight 😉

    • He’s a lot smarter than many people- has a great body, video channel and career. We could all take his advice Peripheries.

      • John says:

        Peripheries comment was just mean. He’s clearly not dumb. He used Real World: Brooklyn as an opportunity to get his name out there in the very competive markets of fitness, modeling, and acting. He’s built up a pretty large following for his You Tube videos and his Scott Herman Fitness website. He’s also responded personally to questions about fitness, nutrition, and training and he knows his stuff, he’s personable and humble. And let’s not forget, he’s only 25. He works hard and has a lot going for him. Don’t hate him just because he’s beautiful. Go Scott!

      • Yeah I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Scott better by having him on the show. Super nice guy. Am I dreaming? 🙂

    • MoocherX says:

      p.s. I don’t want my personal trainer to recite Proust to me anyway. I go to a trainer because he has the skills to help me look like him. Call that dumb? Hardly.

  6. Oooh. How did I miss him? Thanks for telling me about Scott! Scott is hot!

  7. oh please says:

    im hard now

  8. fade says:

    oh MY, does that really concern you? i mean is it something THAT BIG important to make u start this blog or whatever?
    well if he thinks that he is wither str8, gay, hetero, or even trans then it’s his damn life! this guy’s figure is TOO DAMN perfect and honestly NO ONE IN THIS WHOLE WORLD doesn’t fancy to have at least 1\2 the look that he already has. so darling, u PASS.

  9. Mohammad says:

    his colored girlfrinds is lucky to have him $$ b*tch…

  10. Flavio says:

    I cannot handle those people trying to add labels to Scott. He is an incredible profissional, smart, efficient. I saw one video from Youtube and after that I totally have believed him.

    He is great! I wish there were more guys like him, he is passionate about doing his job!

  11. aaron says:

    Why are some of you so curious is Scott is gay or not. chances are youll never have him anyways. This is not the site for this>He is trying to have a resepctable site now come on guys, get with it. Im so sorry Scott you have to go through this. I love your site and the material you cover. You offer a fitness style that is light and non-intimitating. You explain steps in a very straigght forward easy fasion which makes things enjoyable. I need things explained well as I am new to the excercise regime. I also suffer from denerative disc disease in my L5-S1 and in my cervical spine and a squashed disc so i need some good excercises

  12. steph says:


  13. Timmy! says:

    Scott is a very good friend of mine and I can absolutely verify for you 110% that he is straight

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