Will Karin Dreijer Start a Cold War of Weird with Lady Gaga?

Jan 25, 2010 · 1985 views

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I had to laugh when I saw Swedish pop star Karin Dreijer of Fever Ray accept an award, slowly lurching up to the stage in a Lady Gaga inspired red burqua, revealing her melted, plastic […]


  1. Blueboi says:

    There’s a difference between quirky weird, and grotesque weird. The mask took it towards grotesque. :/

  2. Brad says:

    I love Karin and Fever Ray. At least Fever Ray’s look matches the music. Lady Gaga just copies designs from fashion designers anyways.

  3. Yikes, my first impression was sort of kkkish.

  4. Her face is caught in a bad romance! ha ha hah

  5. trickytoro says:

    I loved every second of it! More please

  6. Heath says:

    OMG, it was bugging me all day that I couldn’t figure out what this reminded me of and then it finally hit me…. she looks like the Widow of the Web from “Krull.”

  7. webby686 says:


    I agree with brad! Karin Dreijer and her best known acts, the knife and fever ray, produce music that is WAY more avant garde than lady gaga’s! Gaga can write good hooks and i commend her for bringing gay pop dance music to the mainstream, but her music is in no way progressive or in line with her image. For me Karin Dreijer winds hands down! She feels more authentic and sincere than caca.

    This is a very good song i Love by royskopp that has fever ray on vocals. she definitely has a distinct voice.

  8. Chance Laxson says:

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