Say Hello to the iPad

Jan 27, 2010 · 1985 views

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Featured highlights of Apple’s new tablet computer, the iPad. What are your thoughts? I can totally see this as a big deal for “adult entertainment.” Is the screen smudge-proof?


  1. Blueboi says:

    I must admit, i’m a little disappointed with it’s design and features.
    It’s basically a large iphone/itouch, which is nice, but it doesn’t feel like much of an innovation. If you’re a total technology noob, and never used an iphone or similar then yeh, maybe.

    I can see it being nice to have around the house to quickly check email, photos, read, surf etc, (specially if you don’t have an iphone).
    I was really expecting something bigger, slimmer, and sexier. I really wish they’d removed those ugly thick borders.
    Why they didn’t go with an OLED screen? It’d be lighter and the battery life would increase.

    It would’ve been good if they included a built in camera like on their laptops. Could’ve been a potential step towards portable video calls (via 3G or wifi).

    It kinda feels like apple’s playing it safe. I just hope at the very least i can use my iphone’s SIM.

  2. Andy says:

    Made by the Taiwanese OEM Faxcoon in Shenzen. Thanks to modern slave factories the manufacturing expenses are very slow like for the Iphone or Ipod.

  3. Hmmm! I will wait and see… but of course, I was an iPhone skeptic too. LOL!

  4. Curtis says:

    Its got the usual Apple wiz bang consumer appeal but i wonder about a few things:

    For book reading, isn’t the glowing screen going to create eyestrain, something the “flat” light of the kindle addressed? What about the glowing screen when you’re in a low light space like an airplane at night?

    The Apple Battery problem – looks like it will be the usual, you can’t replace the battery easily so when the battery dies, so does the iPad, you’ll have to buy expensive extended warranties with some clever apple name as an insurance policy for replacement or just buy a new unit. I think this element more than anything always shows me that Apple has built in obsolescence taken to a new level, they cater almost exclusively to their slobbering open mouthed hypnotized masses and apple heads who will line up for any new Apple device. Apple will upgrade this thing in 6 months and all the same people in line this week will be back in line then.

    Can I only watch movies I buy from Apple? What about my extensive DVD/BluRay collection?

    And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL. Where’s the PORN? Will the apps be restricted as they are now for the phone? I don’t know if Apple got the memo, but the internet, it’s for PORN.

  5. Blueboi says:

    If it’s anything like the itouch or iPhone, you can convert (to .mp4) and upload any video you want. That includes porn. 😉
    You’re not forced to buy any content from the stores.
    The only restrictions I’ve found are if you’re an App developer; Apple doesn’t allow adult content on their Store.

    You should be able to change the screen brightness in settings.

    Yes the battery things is a bit of an issue.

  6. Blueboi says:

    Also, i get the feeling that this product isn’t wooing their “slobbering open mouthed hypnotized masses”.
    Most of the people it’s thrilling are non apple product users.

  7. Curtis says:

    Oh I forgot- AT& fucking T? Really? WTF? This kind of anti-consumer choice, anti competitive stuff is far more harmful than the BS browser “monopoly” talk that sent Microsoft to court for anti competitive practices. At what point is paying more and more for web access for every device in your life going to be prohibitiuve for people especially in this economy?

    And what about this app restriction stuff, isn’t that sniffling innovation and creativity if every app has to be distributed through iTunes and meet a narrow moral code established by Apple? This seems far more restrictive to actual user experience, cost, and impact on competitors and businesses who have no connection to Apple but rely on broad consumer access to their products (any adult company or hook up site) via the web to be competitive in the marketplace, than the whole browser stuff was. If as some people posit the trend will be to these kind of portable devices being the primary web access device for consumers, isn’t in the best interest of the marketplace that apps not have to meet these narrow moral restrictions?

  8. Bracer says:

    How could you resist Jon Ive !?!

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