Archie Comic New Gay Teen Character! – Interview with writer and artist Dan Parent

Apr 19, 2010 · 1985 views

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Interview with artist and writer Dan Parent, who tells us that Archie Comics is planning to create a new gay teen character named Kevin.


  1. Rei says:

    Wow I’ve always thought that because Archie Comics started during the late 40’s, I considered their comics were being made through a more conservative outlook.
    But hearing all these changes being made over the years it’s really interesting! I never thought I’d hear about a gay character showing up in Archie Comics.
    Any I’m curious, anyone know where I can find those awesome parody pics with Archie and Reggie dressed up as Betty and Veronica shown during the interview with Dan Parent?

  2. The story got reported on a number of gay news sites, but only the Advocate seems to have credited you guys. didn’t even mention FoF in their report. Bastards.

  3. Marc Harshbarger says:

    All these dolls I’ve been taking lately have messed with my mind – no, actually I’m just a rotten, good-for-nothing bastard – but I do sincerely apologize for not crediting Fausto and Feast of Fun with breaking the story when I blogged about it last week. So I have added a postscript to my original post:

  4. Alie says:

    This is ridiculous! who is ever gonna let their kids read these now? oh this just makes me upset

    • People that aren’t bigots will let their kids read them.

    • Who is gonna let their kids read these? Oh, I don’t know Alie… perhaps progressive parents who realize that gay people are just another part of society and would rather a wholesome source like Archie comics educate their children about them instead of letting them get their information from the grossly misinformed (e.g. The Westboro Baptist Church).

    • I don’t think most parents pay attention to what kind of comic books their kids buy. Most teens are friends with openly gay teens today, and a lot of gay-straight student groups exist all over the country.

      Alie— they added this character because it will make money for Archie Comics, because it reflects the lives of teenagers today and because it’s the right thing to do.

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