VIDEO: Gay McDonalds Ad

Jun 2, 2010 · 1985 views

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Would this commercial be released in the U.S.? I like the message, but I don’t like McDonalds. Now I feel obligated to like McDonalds.


  1. Makes me want a Royale with cheese.

  2. Avatar Andy says:

    A friend of my who saw it on TV told me about it last week.
    It has been running on TV for almost 2 weeks and about 1 week in cinemas. The French agency BETC Euro RSCG produced it. There are also rumours about a second gay themed ad.

  3. i love this ad. The guy is so cute and the message is so cute. Wish it was something else though. Can never enjoy McDonald food.
    Is it just another avenue expansion for McDonald. They used to do the same thing to children too

  4. But notice that the kid is not out. Come as you are, as long as its in the closet.

    • he is just not out to his dad. Maybe he is out to his school.

      • They could have turned this subtlety negative, blend in and you can eat at Mcdonalds message into a positive one by having the boy say: Papa, j’ai quelque chose à vous dire. (Dad, I have something to tell you.) Father and son bonding and growing together at the foulness that is Mcdonalds…
        But instead the message is: Be yourself, on the inside.

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