VIDEO: Lady Gaga Video Out Madonnas Madonna

Jun 8, 2010 · 40317 views

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Lady Gaga’s newest video hits the world today and Right Wing minds are going to explode!聽 The Steampunk version of Queen Elizabeth is awesome, but it’s the red crucifix vagina聽 cover that is really pushing […]


  1. Marc Felion says:

    I almost used that thumbnail for the post but I decide on the Mo from the Three Stooges instead. That’s going to be the big take away from this video and we’ll be living with it for months.

  2. Curtis says:

    I guess you can reduced the whole video down to the haircut on the guys, but theres so much more here. Try talking about the other stuff too! I’m far more intrigued by the overall artistic impact of the video, the gender bending of the dancers, the religious transgression of the symbolism, the beauty of it overall. I is really gorgeous and does harken back to the days when videos by people like Madonna used to be actual artistic achievements and events – kind of missing lately in pop culture. I noticed the haircuts and they’re worth a laugh, but there’s so much more to admire and discuss.

  3. RyanJustice says:

    Ladies and gentlemen…we have arrived. She has a way of taking the songs I like the least from her album and making video gold. Not to mention making me understand why the song kicks ass. I hated Telephone before I saw the video.

  4. javierjl says:

    Liked the video, which is a first for me with Lady Gaga. Def mix of janet’s jackson rhythm nation and express yourself…performed in the Galactica’s hangar. And I mean all that in a good way. The aesthetics and production value are great, but I don’t really think it does things we haven’t already seen by Madonna and others in the early 90s, including its portrayal of religious imagery and refashioning of gender roles. I’m definitely loving the narrative aspect the most: there’s a story in the video, not just jumping up and down, like many pop videos these days (including Madonna). One point of contention: rhyming alejandro with “hot like mexico”? Es una desgracia.

  5. Chickengirl says:

    haha that hair is kinda distracting..but the rest of the video was fun to look at.

    but honestly I have a question for all you Gaga fans out there, how many of you actually ENJOY her music…? because to me there is nothing particularly good about it, it songs just like any other popstar’s real originality…or do you folks mostly just enjoy her for her crazy outfits/music videos and her appearance? That’s what makes her so successful…if she just acted and dressed normally with the same kinda music she wouldn’t be any where near as successful as she is now…really…sure its cool that’s she’s different but I don’t really buy into it because I can’t enjoy her songs :/

    • Marc Felion says:

      Of course it wouldn’t be the same without the outrageous look but yes, I like her music very very much.

    • Curtis says:

      Chickengirl I am clucking along with you on this. I can’t say Lady Gaga is much of a musician. Her songs are really quite ordinary, not one thing special about them. For me Gaga is a nearly completely visual experience. I will say that this song won me over though. I actually bought it last night on iTunes, only the 2nd Gag song to make my collection.

    • 300fromRyan says:

      Curtis is right. Gaga is more of a visual experience than an audible one. I also totally agree w/ Marc. I love her music! But @ 1st I didn’t. I had to have a fun experience to connect with her music in order to start to appreciate it. Have you been to a club yet when everyone scream the lyrics to Bad Romance and dances in perfect unison?

  6. Heath Bruce says:

    Three words:

    Machine Gun Bra

    How fabulous! 馃榾

  7. Benjamin says:

    While I’m still a Gaga fan, I find her contemporary Janelle Monae the true original artist without compromise. Take a listen to her newest album, The ArchAndroid, second of a four part quadrilogy. They’re both working the Metropolis story angle. Gaga is her spiritual sister in costume and outlandish concept, though the complexity of Monae’s vision is ultimately more rewarding.

    • Curtis says:

      Benjamin. Thank you for pointing me towards Janelle. I just went to Youtube and checked out the Tightrope video and while I prefer the lush excess of the Gag video, I agree that musically Ms Monae is leaps and bounds above her in boundary pushing deeply satisfying interesting pop music. Bravo! I am a newly minted Janelle Monae fan thanks to you.

    • Curtis says:

      Jane Monae video for reference

  8. peter snead says:

    Madonna wants her royalties! That being said, I like Gaga’s music. I think Monster would have been a better release – it is my favorite on the album.

  9. I absolutely love it. It’s like the Borg Queen meets David Lynch’s “Dune”, with the Gay set to the max. Sweeet.

  10. 300fromRyan says:

    Love the juxtaposition and the quality of the image including deep colors and tones. I’m a personal advocate of less being more though. Wish it cut out a few minutes leaving everyone wanting so much more!

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