Burlesque With Cher and Christina

Aug 22, 2010 · 1985 views

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I haven’t seen this movie yet (and didn’t even know about it until yesterday) but I’m sure it’s my new favorite movie, second only to Showgirls


  1. Cole says:

    This will either be a great success or go down in flames and be a cult hit ( a la Showgirls). Either way i can’t wait to see it! And Ms. Aguilera’s apparent love interest, the bartender guy? Roaurrrr!!! Grrrrrr! and hey, there’s Cher so it can’t be all bad…

    • I’ve watched the preview about 60 times and I’m getting a Showgirls vibe. I predict the movie will be panned but have a huge opening. I’m sure I’ll see it a dozen times and consider it a work of art, much like I consider Showgirls a work of art. 🙂

  2. Rick says:

    It’s hard to tell, with just 2.5 minutes of trailer time. I believe Chers’ legion of fans + Xtina’s devoted fan base will spell box-office success on this unlikely pairing. The reviews may be another story. Sony is trying to make sure this is a winner. Project Runway is on the wagon and an episode is scheduled to create outfits for the movie. There is also a (burlesque?) dance contest with $5k to the winner. The movie is also scheduled to show over a large part of Europe. I doubt they’ll lose money on this one. The soundtrack alone has most people drooling. My bet is that they WILL add a duet with Cher/Xtina as an added incentive. I think it will be fun and more successful for Aguilera then the movies were for Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, etc. was on their movie careers. Will go down as a cult classic. Certainly Cher will be the one to benefit most, releasing her album and a second film, The Dropout. Can’t wait!

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